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Search results

  1. joyce

    Earn a Million Plus: The Little Known High-Income Occupation of Media Buyer

    I downloaded it, thanks for sharing :)
  2. joyce

    Guide Running Trending Campaigns - Monetizer + PropellerAds

    I'm interested :)
  3. joyce

    Guide Running Trending Campaigns - Monetizer + PropellerAds

    @Luke My Monetizer account just got approved. I need to add a domain for tracking before I could run campaigns. Are you using Monetizer for tracking too? Currently I am using Bemob with custom domain, can I use the same domain in Monetizer or do I need to get a new domain? Is there any difference?
  4. joyce

    Now that I have profitable campaign, how do I scale?

    Do you copy all the keywords to the new traffic source? or only the converting keywords?
  5. joyce

    TONIC Bonus (new and inactive advertisers)

    Does it mean I have to target "afflifr"? How do I find the "typo-error" keywords that a user will keyin?