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MaxWeb Affiliate Network
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    Need Encouragement and Confidence

    Hang in there. "Rome wasn't built in a day." ---- Tactics: Isolate one variable at a time. Track progress not by profitable vs. unprofitable, but instead by smaller hurdles. Examples: finding a good offer, setting up 5 campaigns per day, seeing first conversion, optimizing a campaign...
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    Automating Domain Registration and Setup?

    Exactly. Currently, approximately 25 per month. Exactly. There's some subjectivity to it, which makes it more challenging to automate. I'm not particular on exact domain names. Would prefer to not have random strings either, however. Thanks for mentioning ZennoLab -- I'll look into that.
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    Automating Domain Registration and Setup?

    What do you guys do to make the domain setup process more efficient? Here are the current tasks I encounter: - domain name search (Namecheap) - domain name selection (Namecheap) - DNS setup (Cloudflare) - server setup (Server Pilot / Binom) Any tips for automating any or all of these steps?
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    Guide 🚀 How to prevent stealing of your campaigns. 🕵🕵

    If the network or advertiser you're working with asks for traffic source names or site IDs, you can send but obfuscate. To do this in Binom add "_md5" after the variable. Example: &trafficsource={trafficsource_md5}
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    testing phase

    There are various ways you might think about this: - Is the offer proven? That is, is it converting profitably for other people? If yes, continue. If not, consider a different offer. - Can you change the price of the traffic? For example, are you able to bid lower and still win traffic...
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    Case Study Interesting Results With Propeller's Direct Click Traffic 🔥

    I've tried in two geos where we are having success with push traffic. Our results have been quite the opposite (that said, the ad spend has been low). I suspect that these specific campaigns really benefit from the push creative. My observation was that the CPMs seemed high in comparison to...
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    Going to San Diego for T&C?

    Anyone heading to San Diego for the Traffic & Conversion conference next week? I'll be there Monday and Tuesday. Happy to meet up :)
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    In-App Traffic

    Also interested in this topic. My understanding is that there's a variety of in-app traffic: - banners (bought via DSPs) - redirect - in-app push - video If anyone has a link to a primer on in-app (especially DSPs), please share. Thanks!
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    CPA Pricing Traffic Networks

    Exactly. While each ad network's algorithm is different, it would theoretically aim to maximize eCPM for the network. The CPA campaign will compete against CPC and CPM campaigns for the highest eCPM.
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    Earn a Million Plus: The Little Known High-Income Occupation of Media Buyer

    Downloaded. Been skimming for last few minutes. Looks like it'll be up there with Cashvertising as a must-read. Thanks Luke.
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    Do I really need to start with Push/Pop Traffic

    Some people, including members of this forum, earn this daily using the traffic sources mentioned. You've already found something that's working. If you like it and understand it, do your best to scale it. Also - If you started 5 months ago, and are already profitable, you're ahead of 99%...
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    Ad Networks That Tell You The Sites They Put Your Ads On?

    Some of the larger native ad networks offer transparency like this. Most of the ad networks offering pops seem to operate a blind network (with adult ad networks as an exception, as Servando points out). One approach to try on PopAds is to target by category. While you won't have a specific...
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    Ad networks with android calendar ads

    Have you guys seen any more of these? Would be a nice format to test.
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    need help with mgid ads approval

    In my experience, "malicious URL" was their general phrasing. The URLs throughout the redirect chain were clean. Upon further inquiry, they didn't like the ad creative. It was 100% whitehat, branded, and approved by the advertiser. (Just like everything running on MGID 🤣). It's possible...
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    need help with mgid ads approval

    We have experienced the same issue. Also spoke with an account manager, who was rather difficult. Looking at the ads and landers on there, some advertisers are certainly getting approved. It may require an in-person meeting at a conference.
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    Best PPV Network?

    How might we think about the difference between exclusive and direct? Also, is there the option for advertisers to exclude partner traffic when setting up campaigns?
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    Which Tracker do you think is best?

    What happened with Kintura btw? It had been meaning to test it for months..
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    Which Tracker do you think is best?

    Binom hosted ("managed license") -- not much on their webpage about it. Here's what is available within the account settings:
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    What are the best sources of push traffic to try adult dating offers?

    https://mirelia.co/ Members area adult traffic. We haven't worked with them.
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    Which Tracker do you think is best?

    Having used Prosper 202, Voluum, FunnelFlux, and, now, Binom, I would give a plug for Binom. Their support is excellent. My only wish is that they would have 24/7 support. That said, they are online about 16 hours per day. They are smart, and proactive when answering questions. Binom...