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  1. Afflytics

    Official Afflytics - Affiliate Analytics Dashboard

    Hey @maleeqa. Yes, we are adding support for MaxBounty!
  2. Afflytics


    Being an affiliate is not limited to running paid ads and sending traffic either to landing pages or offers. Sometimes, being an affiliate also means owning a website where you write about products and services, or just feature them in an article. But if you are promoting products or services from multiple affiliate platforms, it would surely take a lot of effort to check them individually every day and track your website's performance. This should not be an ongoing issue. You can make everything easier by using Afflytics. Afflytics is a tracking tool that can be integrated with multiple CPA networks and eCommerce affiliate platforms. It allows you to view your website's performance and earnings in just one dashboard. It is targeted towards beginner affiliates, bloggers, publishers, and agencies. Afflytics Features Track Multiple Networks in a Single Dashboard Afflytics focuses on major eCommerce affiliate networks. They pull the data from your accounts on these various...
  3. Afflytics

    Official Afflytics - Affiliate Analytics Dashboard

    Hey everyone. I'm happy to say that we have 3 new affiliate network integrations. Check out the list below. Let us know if you have any integration requests.(y) New Integrations! Here's a list of integrations we added last week: TradeDoubler Adrecord Admitad Full list of integrations...
  4. Afflytics

    Official Afflytics - Affiliate Analytics Dashboard

    New Integrations! Happy to say we've added support for some of the networks that have been requested. Here's a list of integrations we added last week: HasOffers/Tune Refersion iDevAffiliate Affilately SkimLinks Full list of integrations We're adding several more this week and will keep you...
  5. Afflytics

    20,600 New Users in 2019 - The 2019 Wrap-up

    Great first year.. congrats, and well deserved.. Really appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us on Skype when we first got started here.
  6. Afflytics

    New Member Intro

  7. Afflytics

    Comment by 'Afflytics' in article 'What is Affiliate Summit?'

    Affiliate Summit is a good conference. Lots of opportunities to connect. I wouldn't recommend presenting on Demo Day though.. not enough people attend to make it worth it.
  8. Afflytics

    The Most Seen Affiliate Ads of 2019

    Not surprised Diet pretty much dominated.
  9. Afflytics

    Hi from Mexico!

  10. Afflytics


    They kind of dropped of the face of the earth
  11. Afflytics

    Official Afflytics - Affiliate Analytics Dashboard

    First of all, thanks to @Luke for welcoming us into the affLIFT community. Glad to be here. For those of you not familiar with Afflytics, here is the one-liner: Afflytics tracks your affiliate income by connecting all your affiliate networks in one place. That said, I am somewhat hesitant to...
  12. Afflytics

    Who here promotes Clickbank Products?

    I've used ClickBank quite a bit in the past. You have to search pretty hard in order to find the best converting products with the highest payouts. Find products (ebooks/courses) in your niche and recommend them to your audience... I've made a good deal of money this way.