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MaxWeb Affiliate Network
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    Help with Bidding in ZeroPark please

    I'm running a campaign and I have a number of transactions that look like this. Low win ratio and high ROI, meaning if I increase my bid I could potentially buy more traffic while remaining profitable. So I'm trying to decide what to bid. My question is, how can my average cost be 0.0003...
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    PropellerAds Traffic Chart Doesn't Add Up

    I've been looking at the @PropellerAds Traffic Chart for OnClick, mobile, Android, but the numbers don't add up. For example, Poland Total: 481,921 3G: 48,275 Wifi: 23 Egypt Total: 4,031,649 3G: 509,624 Wifi: 1,024,514 United States Total: 3,433,626 3G: 282,716 Wifi: 291,540...
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    ClickDealer Offer Names

    When looking at offers in ClickDealer, the name often has something in square brackets at the end of it. An example is, (86653) [WEB+MOB] Bitcoin Up - Spanish /ES FTD *FB/Google Pixel* - [i-edge] Other offers end with things like, [Dynamic-contest] [syntaurus] [gewinn] [i-edge]...
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    PropellerAds: CPA Goal 2.0 webinar

    I registered for a CPA Goal 2.0 webinar @PropellerAds are running today (3pm GMT), but I haven't received a link. I've requested the link again, but have received nothing. Does anyone have a link they can post here? Thanks
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    PropellerAds: Connection Types

    When setting up a campaign in PropellerAds I can choose between the following connection type, G/LTE Wifi/Broadband But when I look at my current results in the dashboard, I see the following connection types, Broadband XDSL Mobile Cable Dialup Wireless Satelite TI What campaign connection...
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    PropellerAds: Daily Impressions Limit

    Hi, A campaign I'm running on PropellerAds has been paused despite not hitting the daily budget limit. Instead, it's hit a daily impressions limit. I didn't even know there was such a thing! Is their any way of getting this increased or do I have to wait until tomorrow before the campaign...
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    Help Please: Lander Going to 502 Bad Gateway Page

    I’m putting together a new survey style landing page. Last night when I was testing it, it worked fine. It moved through the survey and then took me to the offer page. This morning, it doesn’t work☹. Despite making no changes since last night, it now moves through the survey, but instead of...
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    Follow Along Monetizer Smartlink, Binom & Pop Traffic

    After working through Luke’s beginners guide, I set up a campaign driving PropellerAds traffic to Egypt smartlinks in Monetizer. The offers were taken from a top offers report and my traffic was targeted to the criteria laid out be the offers. Despite this, I couldn’t get the campaign...
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    Have You Been Hit By The "May Charge Money" Page?

    I'm testing a new campaign before making it live. I've prepared 5 landing pages which all go to the same offer. I'm testing in incognito mode, but when I click on my landers CTA button it takes me to this page, This happens with every lander. I wasn't expecting this to happen, so I thought...
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    Help Please! Trying to Set Up Postback URLs Between PopAds and Binom

    I’m trying to set up PopAds as a traffic source in Binom and am struggling with setting up the postback urls. Although there’s a PopAds traffic template in Binom, the postback url field is empty. I believe that this may be because when the template was created, PopAds used a different postback...
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    Follow Along Driving Pop Traffic to Monetizer Smartlinks

    Hi Everyone! I ran my first campaign in November last year following Luke's beginners guide. In this campaign I'll be sticking with pop traffic, but I'll be using a different source and I'll be sending it to Monetizer smartlinks. Traffic: Initially PropellerAds but hoping to scale with...
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    International Offers

    I'm looking at an international offer. The offer page is in English, but as it's an international offer, a lot of the countries won't have English as their first language and many of the citizens won't speak English. Do people who run these offers just target the English speakers in these...
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    Android – Onclick

    I've received an email from @PropellerAds regarding Android - Onclick. Is pop and push traffic Onclick? Thanks
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    Looking For Help Setting Up URLs in Monetizer and Binom

    Hi, I'm trying to set up a campaign with Monetizer, PropellerAds and Binom. I started the campaign yesterday but while the costs are showing in Binom the revenue is not. There's clearly something wrong with my postback link because the revenue is being reported in Monetizer. Here's my links...
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    Anyone Working Through Nick Lenihans Sweepstakes Course?

    I'm working through @Nick's sweepstakes course but am stuck on a few points. I emailed him last week but haven't heard anything and would like to progress with this. Just wondered if someone here had worked through the course and could answer a few questions for me. Thanks
  16. M

    Need some help setting up Binom please

    Hi, I’m trying to set up my first campaign in Binom. I’m following the instructions given in a course I’m following. In the course, when setting up the affiliate network the format of the url is {offer_url}&s1={campaign}&s2={clickid}. However, when setting up the new offer, the format of the...
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    How to generate a SSL Certificate in AWS

    I'm working through a course and need to generate a SSL certificate in AWS. I assume the site layout has changed since the course was written. The instructions are Go to the ACM Dashboard and click “Request a Certificate”, but when I click on the link I don't get that option, I see this, Can...
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    Accounting for VAT

    Hi All, I started affiliate marketing in November, working through Lukes beginners guide. I already have a company (small, one man band) for my offline business and want to put my affiliate marketing activities through the company. I'm based in the UK and my company is VAT registered...
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    Setting Up Campaign in PopAds

    When I set up a campaign in PropellerAds I can choose a connection type of All, 3G or Wifi. How can I do this in PopAds? In @Luke 's guide, the bid distribution map shows the traffic for a price point. When I go through PopAds "traffic" is replaced with "campaigns". Am I doing something wrong...
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    Follow Along 2020 Monetizer SmartLink Campaign

    I started my first campaign in November after reading Luke’s Pop Guide for Beginners. I ran it with two traffic sources and have decided to participate in this contest as a way to gain more experience and hopefully get some pointers on how I can improve. Everything is pretty much new to me...