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    Should I buy SSL for monetizer domain?

    Hi guys!, Well the topic says it all. Do I need to buy SSL for the domain I just bought to use with monetizer? Cheers!
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    Could you help a paralyzed newbie?

    Hi, I know the topic can be a bit stupid, but this is how I feel at the moment and would like you to help here for a bit. I need the last push to start going further. I have gone through @Luke basic course on pops. I signed up on PopAds and Mobipium and have done some tests (Still going...
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    Follow Along Pops Guide - Starting my journey

    🎯 Traffic Source: PopAds 🔧 Tracking Tool: BeMob ✅ Affiliate Network: Mobipium 👍 Type of Offer: SmartLinks 💰 Offer Payout: ??? Hi everybody! I have started my little journey into CPA and have started following the basic pops guide created by Luke. I have run first day and this are the...
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    Resolving Web Id's in LP. Is it possible?

    Hi community, Today I read a lot of post about bot traffic and how this can affect our campaigns and even make us banned from the Affiliate networks. I have read a guide about how to get web ids too with several strategies (Thanks @Akahma). The thing is, is it possible to resolve these webids...
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    How to measure traffic quality?

    Hi!, Well the topic says it all. After being some hours reading a lot of things in the forum it seems that one of the most important things to be profitable are good amount of traffic (volume) and traffic quality. How can I measure the traffic that I am sending to an offer? Is there any way I...
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    How do you monetize push subscribers lists?

    Hi, Newbie here, so be patient please :). I have been reading about push subscribers lists and how people build them on monetizer. Could you be so kind to answer these questions? 1) What does a subscriber list provide and how you build it? 2) Is it "extra money" or you run your campaign with...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi!, How are you doing? Just wanted to to greet everybody in the forum. This is my first day as a CPA guy and I am going through the tons of information in the forum. Wish me luck! I just have bought the push notifications course from Nick to get started and seems really nice. From what I...