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  1. thedark

    Hello from Romania

  2. thedark

    Hello from Romania

    Thanks to your suggestion, I took my time and I refreshed the look of the website. Still working on the pages to bring them into 2021
  3. thedark

    Has anyone managed to be profitable with push subscriptions?

    Give it some time. From my experience with any type of subscription, the unsubscription rate gets lower in time. Maybe some people click by mistake and they unsubscribe very fast, but you will have some subscribers that will stay long term. You will get your money back, but it will take time...
  4. thedark

    AI is Revolutionizing the Future of Online Content Creation

    Good content is the one that adds value. Rewriting an article, even if it is made my an AI or by someone who barely understand the content, doesnt add value. It might be useful to make an article to look bigger, with some replicated text.
  5. thedark

    Hello from Romania

    Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. thedark

    Hello from Romania

    Thanks for the feedback. I know I have to rebuild that website, but I was not motivated enough, thinking that it is better to spend my time getting more traffic, or working on other projects.
  7. thedark

    Hello from Romania

    I am looking for ways to grow the traffic to my websites.
  8. thedark

    How many affiliate networks are you actively working with?

    I run several websites in different topics, so I have to find few affiliate network/programs to work for each.
  9. thedark

    Hello from Romania

    Hello. I am a web developer for about 18 years. I learned PHP programming in high school and I built a lot of scripts and websites since. Ive worked mostly as a freelancer, but I have invested part of my time in some projects of my own. One personal project I work on from about 10 years is...