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Grow your social media audience with FPTraffic
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    Propeller Ads dropping traffic and quality after 2 days.

    @PropellerAds I wonder what is the average time between an impression and click? do you have such metric On your side
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    Guide A Useful Tool to Grab Text From an Image

    Ok, you got the image and translated it, wonder how you can use it in a sentence? Are you in doubt that the translation is actually correct? Sometimes online translators can translate weirdly. Move to here : https://context.reverso.net/translation/
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    Follow Along Golden Goose + Multiple Push Sources

    🎯 Traffic Source: Multiple 🔧 Tracking Tool: Binom ✅ Affiliate Network: Golden Goose 👍 Type of Offer: Pin Submit 💰 Offer Payout: 0.12 🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because: I worked at this GEO before. 🔍 I am unsure about: Mobile Content offers used to convert pretty well in this...
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    Guide Using a CDN to ⚡ Speed ⚡ Up Your Landing Page 🚀 (& Protect It 🔐)

    I am using bunny CDN. The reason why I am not using Cloudflare except DNS, is as a free user you may be served from very far pops. It is well explained here: https://community.cloudflare.com/t/routing-wrong-country/6292
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    Guide One simple trick to come up with new ad copies/angles!

    When I first started, I was promoting SOI dating offers, I was then too innocent to assume that there could be something useful for the client and wondered what that could be. So I signed up to a dating offer. Here is my spam folder, at first it was full of sexy messages. Now I recieve all kind...
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    Curious data about the audience of push subscribers.

    Can you assess accuracy of the data provided by yandex?
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    Restarting again

    To My experience, those Monetizer offers don’t last long if you call it diamond. yours still alive ? @Captndave
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    Guide 🤖 Bots - Gotta Catch Em' All

    Hi @Nick For the below method : Offer #1 is going to be what we use in the iFrame and offer #2 is going to be your real offer. I didnt understand how this works, if bots cant execute JS, they wont be clicking offer 1 right but they can still click my main offer , offer 2? And if I see a...
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    Restarting again

    I hope you find your best converting offer and best traffic sources and be back in the game. I realized that even after a month of pausing campaigns due to some personal matters, it’s hard to start over again And Focus
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    SEO beginner

    @servandosilva back in 2018 it was somehow easy to find keywords to rank. I was using Doug cunningtons keyword golden ratio and ranking pretty good without paying for any links is it still possible to find easy buyer intent keywords
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    Guide AdPlexity Push Vs Anstrex Push

    Anstrex 71.99 montly or first month for afflift members?
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    Follow Along My First CC offer. (ClickDealer + Zeropark)

    quality goes up price goes up. Some people should be making some nice money even with that bid.
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    Follow Along My First CC offer. (ClickDealer + Zeropark)

    Zeropark is not a good traffic source to start testing with . You should have best of everything confirmed than start with them. That’s my experience with their push traffic
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    Follow Along Need a better testing strategy?

    is there an opportunities page on Clickdealer?
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    Your AI writing assistant

    Interesting. Are you satisfied with its best xxxx articles?
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    Curious data about the audience of push subscribers.

    Are these your own push subscribers? How do you know these details ?
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    [GIVEAWAY] Push Ads Sweepstakes Mastery Course

    Advertiser and propeller
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    Follow Along Zeydoo Survey Offers+Adsterra CPA Model

    How do advertiser monetize these surveys? Leadgen ?
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    Follow Along PropellerAds Contest + Mobile Content Offer

    @Nick Thank you for these eye-opening answers. By the way, I have discovered this. Maybe it can be useful for you :) https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=josee9988.minifyall