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    how to optimize and scale offers with adsterra

    Hi, I am newbie to adsterra, when I run offers with CPA, if I find one GEO have good ROI, how to receive more traffic and how to scale, can you give me some tips?
  2. M

    how to find offers from where?

    Hi, I want to know Where does offers come from?I have try https://affilitest.com/ ,it's not working,maybe the link is working for CPI. Any way to find the first network?
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    any tips for CC submit sweeps

    Hi, I start pop traffic about three month, and reach tens of thousands of dollars,thanks for your advice. When I ask some AM top offers, I find many offers are CC submit sweeps. any tips for these offers, we want to try. How to promote them More successful ?
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    about monetizer offer link

    When we promote monetizer offers by direct link, it can generate additional revenue with push subscriber. but it maybe affect smartcpa analyze and optimize transformation data due to it will pass the revenue of subscriber. how to set up of monetizer direct link? @Luke said adding &np=1 ,it...
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    Follow Along How to optimize data?

    after reading luck's https://afflift.com/f/threads/quick-100-roi-this-weekend-monetizer-propellerads.3004/ , I want to try. this offer have running about 1 days, I choose it from Inspire and running with propellerads pop CPA Goal .the following is the data. I have some question ,sorry for my...
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    about monetizer report

    I don't understand their statistics such as when I open leagues,it shows $16.217 ,when I hit the report it shows $18.64 . and I can not find the report data of the offer carrierbilling-tn with $3.53 commission. Can anyone explain to me? thanks.
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    about mobile.adplexity.com

    when I spy on https://mobile.adplexity.com/, How to understand the data ? it shows 13101 hits in 22days if the data is correct .Does it means 13101/22 =595.5 hits per day ? and I find many offers which received most traffic are push subscription in mobile adplexity spy. How to spy in moblie...
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    What is the best traffic for mobidea Mainstream smartlink

    what is the best traffic for mobidea Mainstream smartlink? it shows the smartlink can get $10000. push,or pop if use push, if have good angle for the text ? maybe pop can use direct link.
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    Article index for newbie

    Hi, We are all start step by step, so we need a index for newbie which can find the right article. 1, smartlink guide with popads https://afflift.com/f/forums/pops-guide/ 2, how to setup and optimization https://afflift.com/f/threads/step-14-success-failure-stories.2951...
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    about CBD offers

    Hi, about CBD offers, skin care, muscle, weight loss, male enhancement offers, which traffic source can promote? of couse with cloak we can promote them on facebook which we need many facebook accounts, but facebook is getting stricter more and more. is there some alternative traffic source...
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    Need a piece of code

    Hi, Can some guy share a piece of code which have such a function ? {back push code} When users visit our page,He didn't click on our ad,then he hit the back button. now the code will automatically force open our ad links. Thanks like this ,but it is not working now <script> ! function...
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    HI, how to download Any CPA Landing Page Template

    Hi, I find some lp added protection, how to download Any CPA Landing Page Template ? or does any tools can download some lp?
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    Follow Along My first push follow along with Evadav

    Hi, My english is not good. I'm a green hand of IM 1: I have signed up Evadav from afflift and deposit $100, and then the AM give me $30 bonus, it's cool. 2: today, I just learn some case from google with the keyword "roi with Evadav" or "roi by Evadav", it shows many case to learn, it is...