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    Follow Along Zeydoo Contest - Extension Offer

    Hello every body, I'm back again after some bad weeks with covid-19🤧🤒, but thanks to God I'm ok now 💪 🎯 Traffic Source: @PropellerAds; push & pop 🔧 Tracking Tool: @BeMob ✅ Affiliate Network: zeydoo 👍 Type of Offer: Extension 💰 Offer Payout: 2$ 🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful...
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    Follow Along [March] PropellerAds' contest

    🎯 Traffic Source: propellerads 🔧 Tracking Tool: bemob ✅ Affiliate Network: maxbounty 👍 Type of Offer: E-Commerce 💰 Offer Payout: 12$ 🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because: I really don't know whether I can make it with this offer or not. 🔍 I am unsure about: I didn't make a...
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    Follow Along ZeroPark Dec Contest Ron pop Camp

    Traffic Source: @Zeropark Tracker: @BeMob Budget: 200 $ Country: USA Payout: 2 $ I've been working with this offer for about two weeks, I get about 30% roi in popads & 50% roi with propellerads , so I've a pretty good idea about what is the best landing,browser & os , so I think all what I've...
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    How can I limit zone spend or impression in pop ads?

    Hi every, is there any way where I can limit zone spend or impression in pop ads? thanks
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    Follow Along selfadvertiser contest- vpn offer over domain redirect traffic

    Traffic Source: @SelfAdvertiser Offers: @MaxBounty Norton VPN - CPI - US Tracker: @BeMob Budget: 250 $ Country: USA Payout: 0.85 $ I'm going to reveal every thing in this follow along so that I can have a real chance to get the 1000$ prize 🤩. At first I took advantage of afflift promo code...
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    [Help] How to download zones from bemob?

    How can I download trashed zones from @BeMob, as when I press report icon I get a report full of a lot of information and I would like to download only zones numbers to upload them in pop ads any help please?
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    Good Zones Disappear !

    Yesterday I was getting good roi with @Zeropark , but today I can't find the good zone that brought me most of my conversions same thing happened in popads does it happen with you guys or it's just my bad luck ? I checked the conversions and there is nothing wrong with them so I doubled the bid...
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    Follow Along EvaDav Contest

    Hi everyone, I was testing an offer with popads and I decided to try it was EvaDav, so I've added 100$ in EvaDav. Traffic Source: @Evadav Offers: Push Subscriptions from @Zeydoo Tracker: @BeMob Budget: 50 $ Country: USA Payout: 0.15 $ I created the campaign and I set cpm to 1$ and daily...
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    Payoneer is freezing all prepaid card activity ?

    Hi there, Does anyone has more information about this problem, and when it would be solved ?
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    I think I'd like to test Native ads (1k budget), what are your recommendations ?

    Hi Guys, I've got an extra 1k $ and I would like to test Native ads. Here are my thoughts, I'll subscribe to a spy tool (anstrex or adplexity) I didn't made my mind yet, and would appreciate your recommendation. Then I would spend couple of days watching popular ads on the spy tool and choose...
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    Fraud traffic on zeropark !!!, so where I can find decent POP Traffic :( ?

    I Like running extension offers using pop under, yet I face a serious issue with fraud traffic. I was running an extension offer with zeropark and I was getting excellent ROI from first test and I thought I found a winner, but my AM reached me and told me that fraud score is 33% so I checked my...
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    You think bot traffic is bad?, so what about proxy traffic!

    I was launching a campaign on propellerads and surprisingly it was converting well, and I was happy until I checked converting zone and I found that all conversions were from just two zones I got suspicious and decided to check conversion quality with ipqualityscore I found that more than 30...
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    What is the best way to promote mac flash player extension ppv/redirect ?

    Hi guys, I wonder what is the best way to promote mac flash player extension pop under ron or redirect ron or should I go with domain traffic ? I would appreciate it if someone share a prelander for this offer as it is rejected on propellerads & zeropark.
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    propellerads is going crazy :(

    Hi guys, I've created a goal 2 pop up campaign in propellerads, I've spent 10$ in 2 hours and got 3 conversion and the cpm for the zones that converted was good. then I took these three zones and put them in a target campaign and the cpm went crazy, and it will never be profitable. I know...