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  1. ab2malik

    Difference between 0.7$ offer with 5.6$ offer? SAME FLOW

    Hello Dear forum members I decided to write this post after I saw @Luke was asking about our favorite vertical. The topic I am struggling for months is to choose the right offer with an easy flow. Since I have learned that easy flows are SOI/1-click offers. Here comes another problem when I...
  2. ab2malik

    Follow Along Evadav Contest. Goal is +%50 ROI and $150 in Profit

    Hello Dear Afflift community I had a break on CPA Marketing because of financial instability but after I saw @Luke messaged me about the Contest. I arranged 100$ to give a try after 2-3 months of break. Evadav is one of my first traffic sources which I have started to go with. I remember that I...
  3. ab2malik

    Need your help in Optimization of my first Campaign

    Hello Dear Afflift Members. I have run SOI campaign 2-3 weeks ago but ROI was -67.8% so i decided to Pause it. I picked the Lander which i saw everywhere for this offer(Spied on Anstrex). Today i got a message that an offer Payout has been increased- So i feel like i can spend another 50$ for...
  4. ab2malik

    How to promote 1 click FLow CPA Offers?

    Hello Dear Afflift members. The issue is i am a bit struggling to break even campaigns with a limited budget. Trying only SOI offers. SO far yesterday research about 1click Flow offers and they seems to be easy to convert even without prelander. -Wanted to ask are there any tacticts on how to...
  5. ab2malik

    Black Friday

    Hello Dear Forum Members, I was thinking about What else can we do on Black Friday with CPA. Because on those days i think people are more likely to buy or to Participate on Giveaways. So wanted to lern something from more expeirenced affilates, cause its my first Black FRiday so far ;)
  6. ab2malik

    Offer testing techniques

    Hello Dear Forum Members. I am struggling about 1 main topic for a long time and it is Offer testing. I have read that most affilates test with *3 payout, Here is my stats so i run SOI offer - Payout is 1.75$ got first conversions before *3 payout reached. So countiniue running ads and now i...
  7. ab2malik

    Best Mainstream Smartlinks

    Hello Dear Forum Members. Since i had a little expierence in CPA offers. Now wanted to try Smartlink. So the the question is which Networks has Best Mainstream Smartlinks to promote?
  8. ab2malik

    Greetings from Tajikistan

    I already know that most of you dont know where Tajikistan is located) So about me; First i wanted to start doing Dropshipping after a friend of mine reccomended me to start with an aff. marketing . So for 2 month i am doing CPA marketing - trying to learn everything and find my winning...