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Grow your social media audience with FPTraffic
  1. Henkey

    Official Seize The Ads || Your Traffic Our Offers || Let's Make Money Together

    Is this you guys https://seize-the-ads.vnative.com/register.html ? Just registered.
  2. Henkey


    all links take to: https://account.admitad.com/en/webmaster/statistics/subids/?predefined_range=today while the working link should be: https://account.admitad.com/en/webmaster/statistics/subids/?start_date=&end_date=&group_subids=subid1
  3. Henkey

    Copywriting Formulas

    @Luke Now you can stop wasting time on copy writing and start generating profit because AI copywriting tools are becoming more popular since the release of OpenAI GPT-3. You can use artificial intelligence to write high-converting copy for increased conversions and better ROI. Generating...
  4. Henkey

    Guide Direct Linking, But Tracking Like You've Got A Landing Page (iFrame Method)

    late jacky's Clickervolt had similar features. I used to have a WordPress site where I host lp and also direct link the offer using Clickervolt iframe cool stuff.
  5. Henkey

    Official Admitad – Make money easy and fast from anywhere in the world

    Hey @Admitad I really like the network and been supporting it ever since I joined. However, this time I am struggling with payments. I have Funds which have been approved by TWO different advertisers and not paid yet. It's been awaiting advertiser payment for more than two months now. I've...
  6. Henkey

    Hetzner Servers

  7. Henkey

    JackySan is missing

    What do they mean by "he is not with us anymore"?
  8. Henkey

    MoreNiche in da house!!

    It would bw great if you Make an official thread in the respective forum.
  9. Henkey

    How to be profitable with Native Ads? Automatic Optimization! (MGID, Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent, Verizon Media)

    What about existing members? They should be able to continue using the service?
  10. Henkey

    FREE Webinar: How to get started with Adcash

    API for Optimization purposes. The ability to block [zone] and banners and get accurate cost stats in Trackers.
  11. Henkey

    FREE Webinar: How to get started with Adcash

    Love Adcash, We've had great success with them. The inventory is huge though. Unless you have what it takes, testing will burn some Ks for you. However, Adcash really needs API. They have one but I think it's limited and not offered publicly. Would love to know if there's any work done in this...
  12. Henkey

    Admitad needs your support!

    Already voted for Admitad.
  13. Henkey

    Official PrivateCPA - Private Ad Network - Sweeps, Dating, Nutra, Downloads & More

    I've applied to your network. Curious about your offers.
  14. Henkey

    Official Free Native Ads Optimization Platform - Mgid, Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent...

    Can you guys have Pop/Push integrations, would love to see Propeller, Popads, or ActiveRevenue integrated.
  15. Henkey

    How I Customize my Binom Dashboard to Boost My Performance 1673%

    @Binom Guys you need to fix this fast, conversions are attributed to VISIT time not postback time. We need to be able to have the choice. If ppl visited your link last week and converted today you can't tell till you check last week report. You need to be going back and forth all the time. If...
  16. Henkey

    How to optimise campaign promoting low payout offer

    Exactly my point @Nick
  17. Henkey

    How to optimise campaign promoting low payout offer

    Well guys you are missing the fact that Propeller has huge pop/push traffic inventory and unless you get enough traffic from a variety of sources you most likely are going to stop early. For pop, you might spend like $50 and only get 100 visits from each zone, assuming the Geo you target is a...