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Grow your social media audience with FPTraffic
  1. ADxAD

    How to win with Push Notifications & Sweepstakes

    Hi, Hudjes, well summed up! <3 If I'm correct you are mostly looking for some general guidelines or/and checklist for to validate an ad campaign before launching. Let me share a quick idea on how you may in general approach any ad campaign building - it may give you some better idea on a big...
  2. ADxAD


    Hey, TM2538, great to have you here! Look forward to catch up with you on our platform ADxAD.com :-D (0 reviews) · Post a review · Add video · Edit
  3. ADxAD

    How to win with Push Notifications & Sweepstakes

    Hello, Hadjes, you know what? You are awesome 💪💪 You are indeed awesome in your aspiration for success and in your self-critical attitude 👍 Look, @Nick has sum up pretty well what could be analyzed in more details to conclude why you are there where you are. But most important for the moment is...
  4. ADxAD

    Follow Along Casino + CD/Gotzha + Propeller Ads - Follow Along

    Hi, Varun, that's really great guys to read such well-thought and thoroughly planned digital campaigns , you guys are really pro :-D This is just to notice that you already greatly tuned for success so a suggestion for trying out some other ad networks would go well for you , I suppose - why...
  5. ADxAD

    Official Chipleads affiliate network - dating, crypto, forex, gambling, CFD, sweepstakes, nutra

    Hi, guys, why don't we catch up to learn how we can benefit each other? Please pm me or use our email [email protected] , look forward to hearing from you :-D
  6. ADxAD

    Need Direct Nutra Advertiser That Allows Push Traffic

    Hi, there, you meant direct advertisement provider? So you plan to promote Nutra sales offers and looking around for a direct traffic? That's great 'cause you are in the right place :-D As a top ad network with direct traffic I would definitely put adxad.com , oops, it's me myself, kidding ))...
  7. ADxAD

    What are the best sources of push traffic to try adult dating offers?

    Hi, Diego, good question: define your goals and experiment with several traffic sources to identify where you go profitable and how you can scale. The shortlist would basically look like that: exoclick, trafficjunky, plugrush and yep, ADxAD.com. However it might be not enough just to know the...
  8. ADxAD

    Follow Along My first follow along and my second campaign

    Hi, Diego, thank you for your feedback. How are doing now? Please share your opinion on what features work for your the most . Just wondering if you've tried Popunder format along with Premium traffic segment on ADxAD? Look forward to hearing from you , cheers!
  9. ADxAD

    Google Display Network

    How is it going, guys? Did you run the ads via Google Ads? I agree with Luke in that Google is a way more limited when it comes to such verticals as gambling, nutra, sweepstaking, crypto and yes , gaming is on the list. To mitigate the risks I would recommend to have plan B. It takes you...
  10. ADxAD

    What's the Most Successful PPV Campaign You've Ever Run?

    sounds impressive! How long it took you to arrive to those numbers and what tools you applied? Ever looking for scaling up? Join ADxAD.com: it takes 3 minutes to kick off your first campaign, check it out here:
  11. ADxAD

    How to spy google ads

    Hi, there, short list would be like that: Adplexity, SpyPush, AdPeriscope, Mobidea,AdBead, AnStrex, AdVault, BigSpy. And nfinitely more :))
  12. ADxAD

    Best Adult Push Ads Traffic Source?

    pushes are dead, haven't you heard? just kidding :D in case this ad format doesn't work for you, feel free to try our banners, pop (interstitial), native volumes :)
  13. ADxAD

    Pop Up, Pop Under, Tab Under,...?

    hi @akahma I'm sorry, maybe my question is silly, but what service provides that info? It's smth like Similarweb/Alexa/ Semrush tool, but I see a bit different angle of the info given
  14. ADxAD

    Push Collection Network for Adult Traffic?

    I used to work with Offergate - https://offergate.pro/ in the past, try to reach them, they used to have adult landings with CPC model
  15. ADxAD

    Recommendations of Native networks?

    you should reach for nutra programs I think, as they are really good with native volumes. For instance, go to Offervault and pick Nutra in the Categories filter , there will be a plenty of choice :)
  16. ADxAD

    High quality Pop traffic

    if you're okay with adult, try ADxAD :)
  17. ADxAD

    Which Traffic Source for VPN Offers?

    we had very successful case with VPM offers, feel free to reach us and ask the maanger to advise the sources for VPN, they would love to help you!
  18. ADxAD

    What's your strategy when optimising push campaigns?

    true! also, I'd recommend duplicating successful landing+creative to separate campaigns launched with whitelists , as it will not overburn the source due to less intense advertisement variety
  19. ADxAD

    MAC 2020, Anyone Coming?

    you think MAC would meet. the same destiny?
  20. ADxAD

    Advertise with brand new ad format – Social Bar by Adsterra!

    very interesting! wish you luck with that format