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    Follow Along Golden Goose + Multiple Push Sources

    🎯 Traffic Source: Multiple 🔧 Tracking Tool: Binom ✅ Affiliate Network: Golden Goose 👍 Type of Offer: Pin Submit 💰 Offer Payout: 0.12 🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because: I worked at this GEO before. 🔍 I am unsure about: Mobile Content offers used to convert pretty well in this...
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    Domain Traffic Offer and Lander Types

    Hi All, Are there any Spy tools for domain traffic? What are the best verticals to work with Domain?
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    Follow Along Self Advertiser PPV + Carrier Billing Offer

    Hi All, This is my follow along to the Self Advertiser contest. I will use a carrier billing offer from Mobipium. Thats where I see success over the past 2-3 months. Traffic type: POP Offer type: Carrier Billing Geo: tier 3 Daily budget: $30 Tracker: Voluum I made a keyword campaign and...
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    Monetizer Postback error

    I am running campaigns on Monetizer, most of my direct links are receiving postback but I think those of back button redirect and redirecting after x second links do not pass clickids to Monetizer so I am getting errors. Monetizer recommends this when placing the back button script. "If any of...
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    Optimizing really high payout offers

    Hi What would be the strategy to optimize for example crypto offers on push ? Since payout is generally 400+ what metrics would you consider like CTR, time on page etc
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    Follow Along ZP Contest +Dating + Kintura

    Hi All, I have been a bit late to join the contest due to my extremely busy day job nowadays. Nonetheless, there are 4 days left(including today) and to compensate this I will run this dating offer in both Pop and Push to reveal more data and at least make it worthwhile to read. Campaign...
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    Kintura filter question

    Hi, I would like to ask what is wrong with the following filter. What I want to do is, I have created 2 creatives in Propeller Ads. I want each of the creatives to lead to a different landing page. Creative 1 is clicked user is sent to LP1 Creative 2 is clicked user is sent to LP2 {bannerid}...
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    Whats wrong with my postback

    I am in 3rd month and still sometimes I cant figure out why the postback does not work :D. Anyways , Here is my Mobipium offer url in Kintura : catchtheclick.com/?mob=rF61A-GgY3yZNpVSu6vEIWc0vdv5Xba4vXtqi3AE054DFVVz1-Uh0cA0IvAKYdcGHKZePq2lYxzxgBIkrpMzTg&tid={cid} and my postback: Help...
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    Monetizer Tracking Issue

    I have decided to try some pops with Monetizer. As global postback setting Bemob is defined and it works good. However for Pop I will use Binom, So I wont be using global posback. I was told that adding postback URL to below manage league settings should work. However it didnt.(My postback URL...
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    Follow Along Profit Social + Evadav Follow Along.

    I was thinking of attending this contest and doing this follow along but postponed it for some reason. Now I am doing it finally. 🚦 Traffic Source: Evadav Push 🔎 Tracking Tool: Bemob 🧙‍♂️ Affiliate Network: ProfitSocial 🌀 Type of Offer: Adult Dating Smartlink 💰 Offer Payout: Varies 🗺 Geo: T1 I...
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    A few thoughts

    Hi As a newbie I aim to earn consistent $100 a day in profit. I know, I need to learn and master one traffic type(push for me). And within that, I need to master 2-3 traffic sources. Mastering a traffic source means spending some money and call it investment. I guess it also means to reveal...
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    How to act when you didnt run that Geo in a Traffic Source(Push)

    Hi, Assume the following payout and CPCs and it is your first time that you run traffic in a specific GEO in a traffic source. CPC : 0.02 Payout: 2 Daily Budget: 10 When you buy RON traffic (Because you know nothing about that GEO in that traffic source) with a bit of higher bid than...
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    When to use meta refresh and double meta refresh redirect?

    I use bemob as a tracker and explanations are pretty clear on redirect methods. However I am a bit unclear on when to use which redirect method. As a default 302 is enabled and it says it is the fastest. What comes to my mind when to use other redirect methods other than 302: - I have a very...
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    First Month Report

    Hi All, As I have mentioned in this follow along I have been really doing Affiliate Marketing for a month as a side job since I have my own day work. Before, I was running some random campaigns with direct links and no significant results at all. After a month, Here are my results: Mostly push...
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    Question about traffic sources

    Hi , I wonder which push traffic sources are brokering which has their own inventory? Also, Let's say I subscribed into 20 different websites that run by 10 traffic Network. Depending on the country and advertiser density, i guess I still have a chance to get bombarded with offers even if...
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    Follow Along A newbies Dating Follow Along Clickdealer + Evadav

    Hi, it's my first campaign with a lander. Here are the details. Vertical: Casual Dating - SOI Country: Taiwan Aff Network: Clickdealer Traffic Source: Evadav Target Device: Desktop Offer Payout: 2.10 - 1.70 $(2 offers) Tracker: Bemob daily budget: 10 I have chosen this offer because of the...
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    How Do You Organize Your

    How do you organize your folders related to affiliate marketing on your PC? I need some recommendations.
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    Hi from Turkey

    Hi My name is Akif, from Türkiye , 34 years old and engineer --- also farmer by day and trying to be "profitable" media buyer by night. Happy to be here. Already spent around 100-200$ on direct linking and learned that it does not work. So I have bought anstrex and will focus on dating on...
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    So low CTR

    Hi, I have been testing push notifications at Propeller Ads in ZA, and I got very low CTR. My targeting was a carrier, mobile android, All sites, however, I bid a bit lower than the recommended. is the CTR low because of the low bid?