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  1. ProMedia

    Split Testing Options

    I'm wondering if anyone has any opinion on this split testing question. I'm using LeadPages for landers on my campaign. I'll be using maybe Propeller ads or Microsoft ads for advertising. Is it better to use the split testing features of LeadPages, or.... use run the split test on the ad...
  2. ProMedia

    Sorry Guys.. another Newb question..

    I've been on this forum for two months. I really find it educational. Great stuff from Servando, Luke and others. I'm getting close to taking action. Just a few more dumb questions... LOL Has anyone used click.org for tracking? I haven't seen any other tracker sites that have bothered to...
  3. ProMedia

    Are We Losing The Ability To Communicate?

    I'm loving the information and data that I'm finding on AffLift. One piece of information I read somewhere lead me to apply to a CPA network called ROICollective. After several days I got a cryptic response through Skype. Analyzing the situation, it seems to me that with a burgeoning ADHD...
  4. ProMedia

    Tracking for Newbies

    As I plow through all of the material on this site, there is a lot of information about tracking and using tracking software with Peerfly etc. There are many trackers out there. Also, I read lots of calls for help from newbies. Often these people come into this business with few resources and...
  5. ProMedia

    FPT and Facebook Pages

    Luke, I have had FPTraffic since the day you launched. Love the app but have not made the best use of it yet. Since joining AffLift I plan to. My question is this. I have about 12 great TV series that I watch. They are all PVR'd and have the commercials stripped out. I just won't watch...
  6. ProMedia

    Greetings from the West Coast of Canada

    Hey folks! I joined last night after Luke posted that video about using Propeller and Peerfly. I'm not a newbie, but I may be an idiot! I've been marketing online since 1993. Back in those days we had 14.4 Modems and we created our web pages with Delrina Cyberjack or HotMetal Pro! Ya.... I'm...