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  1. deppstar

    Rollerads support

    Hi, is there anyone from Rollerads here ? Support is being very frustrating and unresponsive so Im trying a different route before dropping spending and blacklisting the source. NIce traffic and interface must say but impossible to work in this way. Last call. Tx
  2. deppstar

    Cpa Goal - Propellerad - optimization sequence

    Hi, although running a popunder cpa goal on Prop its not atm the best tool to use particularly vs push cpa goal that everybody sees as better converting, I like pop and I'm insisting on it. What's unclear is that cpa goal is very fast so already after a few hours you aggregate datas - a) they...
  3. deppstar

    corporate aff program accepting pops

    Hi guys, 1-who are the corporate/global aff program of high authority sites/products ( i.e. amazon, apple, bookstore, nike etc.. ) accepting popup and/or popunder ADS ( not pops on its own site ) as affiliate advertising method ? 2-why all of this big guys are so strict on this well...
  4. deppstar

    basic question , tracking sales

    Hi, how do i track with i.e. Binom ( or any other tracker) when people buy e-books on my store ? im attaching last page before payment ... I assume i have to add some pixel there but can anyone provide a bit more detail than that ? I must also note that a placed order witha cc requested auth...
  5. deppstar

    is anyone from CrakRevenue in this forum ? Tx

    is anyone from CrakRevenue in this forum ? Tx
  6. deppstar

    FPT Promo/Bonus code

    @Luke Hi, is there a bonus / promo code for https://fptraffic.com/ sister company ? Tx
  7. deppstar

    NFT is trending-is there anything for us here ?

    hi, is there anything for us here as a sub-vertical of Crypto ? https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/music-related-nft-sales-have-topped-25m-in-the-past-month/
  8. deppstar

    Voluum Sales dept Director

    Hi, does anyone know the name and PUBLIC professional mail of the Voluum's sales DIRECTOR ( the Director not employees, its a serious thing to discuss and requires decisional responsibility ) ? Could you pls post or pm if deemed not appropriate ( I see many eastern Eu countries companies...
  9. deppstar

    advertorials and content pages-providers

    we need to find a solid company that allows us to create fast and aff friendly ( fast loading , no frills) advertorials and content pages...do you have any to recommend? tx
  10. deppstar

    Zeropark-Where's the traffic ?

    Zp used to have so much traffic you had to pay attention to daily caps...ok everything changes in life, they cleaned up and sold out company but is this service still an active initiative or is being soon terminated after sales to the new owner ? Where's the traffic ? What am i doing wrong ...
  11. deppstar

    VOLUUM bulk actions

    HI, 1-im a returning customer to Voluum ( something im regretting very fast )....one year ago i could perform bulk actions on campaigns like pausing 100 isps or targets/sources with one click..that's basically the only advantage for me in using it as i only need it to handle zeropark traffic ...
  12. deppstar

    Ghosts in the machine

    Hi , to make a long story short, today i had 2 campaigns that i found with an url that has nothing to do with me pointing to a "website" with all postings from 3/2 and a domain registered on 9/2 ... apparently no one from my staff created that ( or are afraid to admit ). Thats the obscure url ...
  13. deppstar

    I dont like Monday- Domain Karma

    Hi , so all my domains got flagged for having trojans and one of my traff source asks for replacement...1-why all of them same day , how weird is that ? 2-why only this traff source complains ( not confortable dropping names on things i dont understand but its not that relevant anyway the name...
  14. deppstar

    Tik Tok ads registration

    Hi, where Tik Tok traffic can be bought other than "Tik Tok ads for business" website direct ? Only reason , the direct program can be accessed only for Business ( not individual) or companies based in a restricted list of geos( kind of weird as you can have a company in Usa and wanting to...
  15. deppstar

    I want to be a content creator

    Hi, im currently working as an advertiser buying traffic and pushing other people's offers;i ts now time i start creating my own offers , can anyone point me to those resources and/or people that will help me achieving that ? Guess various skills are involved but I know I can make it. TX
  16. deppstar

    best app builder

    Hiall, what s the best affiliate friendly app builder outhere ? In this context " aff friendly"= no frills , just ability to share some content for the user ( i.e. music, video, pix ), free download , advertising spaces/functionality, decent graphics. Tx
  17. deppstar

    best_recommended hosting

    Hi all, is Google cloud fast enough to host simple landing pages and mini advertorial sites built on wp ? They will be targeted with daily low cpm pops and decent volume traffic estimated 50k to 100k hits. Whats the fastest hosting brand/company that top guys usually use for the purpose ? Tx
  18. deppstar

    Traff quality_Propellerads

    Hi, is anyone seeing a decrease in Propellerads popunder traff quality and performance in last few weeks ? Want to understand whether its me or a general issue. Let me specify no intention to bad talk Propellerads , great Tsource, great staff and paying a slice of my monthly home rent. “Spassiba”
  19. deppstar

    Zeropark support needed_am unresponsive

    Hi, @Zeropark staff in Afflift. I have been using Zp for almost 3 years and quitted 9 months ago as i couldn't get anymore a positive Roi. Since a few weeks I started again and same thing....as now I'm more experienced and all my other network i use are profitable , i spent some time analyzing...
  20. deppstar

    Propellerads, antiadblock yes , antiadblock no ?

    Hi, in Propellerads should we flag active the antiadblock or deactivate ? Any comment on pros and cons ? Tx