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  1. jimmyvanilla

    Guide How To 👉 Add a Hidden Preheader 👈 to Your Emails 🤫

    I haven't tested it, but might look at doing that when I've started collecting subscribers. AWeber specifically prohibits anything pornographic but otherwise: "Subscribers are prohibited from transmitting on or through any of AWeber’s services any material that is, in AWeber’s sole discretion...
  2. jimmyvanilla

    Leadbit Contest - Choose Your Favorite Follow Along

    Well done guys! Great follow alongs!
  3. jimmyvanilla

    Guide How To 👉 Add a Hidden Preheader 👈 to Your Emails 🤫

    Thanks @varunkeskar - I haven't done any testing to compare it because I've always done it by default. I think it stands out so much more in the inbox when there's a specific preheader message that's linked to the subject line and some clean white space.
  4. jimmyvanilla

    Guide How To 👉 Add a Hidden Preheader 👈 to Your Emails 🤫

    I’ve been spending a lot of time recently working on a more engaging backend funnel for all my campaigns (for remnant/trafficback/back button redirects etc). One of the elements of this backend is email marketing. I’m using AWeber to manage my email marketing and I got a bit frustrated last...
  5. jimmyvanilla

    Step 10 - Campaign Optimization

    First thing that just came to mind was whether you're running the landing pages in English only to a worldwide audience or are you targeting only English in your traffic settings?
  6. jimmyvanilla

    Follow Along Leadbit + Adsterra + Anstrex + Binom (First Time Using Them All)

    Thanks mate - it means a lot coming from the reigning champ! If I can get a decent campaign going I reckon I'll throw something together to share (y)
  7. jimmyvanilla

    Follow Along Leadbit + Adsterra + Anstrex + Binom (First Time Using Them All)

    Final update and wrap-up I haven't set up a campaign for the varicose vein cream yet. I'm almost finished creating a pre-lander and I've written about what I'm doing with it in my copywriting thread if you're interested...
  8. jimmyvanilla

    Guide Jimmy's Copywriting Guide 👨‍🏫 (Updated Regularly 😲)

    Here's a quick update about the copywriting work I've been doing related to the follow along I've been running for the Leadbit contest. Initially my follow along was testing some adult dating offers, but that kind of fizzled out because apparently the leads weren't great. So I started looking...
  9. jimmyvanilla

    Golden Goose Follow Along Contest - $3,000 in Prizes!

    Got @MrGoose watching over me!
  10. jimmyvanilla

    Follow Along Leadbit + Adsterra + Anstrex + Binom (First Time Using Them All)

    Fourth update... to Nutra or not to Nutra? It's been a couple of weeks since my last update and the good news is that all of my conversions from the dating campaign I was running have come out of the hold period and been approved (y). I've done a lot of thinking since I paused that campaign and...
  11. jimmyvanilla

    Step 10 - Analyzing Your PopAds Campaigns using BeMob

    It's the best way for someone new to the business to do the necessary practice to learn the ropes (without spending a fortune). But as @Luke pointed out, there's $1000s on offer too, when you get the hang of it 🤑: Give it a go!
  12. jimmyvanilla

    Guide Jimmy's Copywriting Guide 👨‍🏫 (Updated Regularly 😲)

    I've been totally flat out busy the last couple of weeks, but I got there. The guide is done. Check it out ☝️ ☝️
  13. jimmyvanilla

    Guide Simple Trick To Increase CTR and CR

    This looks awesome @varunkeskar and definitely triggers some thoughts about other ways to use this idea to test different things with the same lander. I'm pretty bad with code, but I can follow what's happening with the script in this case. One thing I don't understand is how you capture the...
  14. jimmyvanilla

    Guide Jimmy's Copywriting Guide 👨‍🏫 (Updated Regularly 😲)

    If you're new to the game, study the principles in the guide above by all means (no, really, you need to do this), but in the meantime, do yourself a favor and get a head start by standing on the shoulders of the giants who have gone before and apply the formulas they've tried, tested and proven...
  15. jimmyvanilla

    Guide Jimmy's Copywriting Guide 👨‍🏫 (Updated Regularly 😲)

    If you've checked out my recent Leadbit campaign follow along, you might have noticed that I have no idea what I'm doing. Not that I'm trying to hide that fact... Without much of a clue to go on, and being impatient ol' Jimmy, I just started with a pretty basic strategy - launch a campaign...
  16. jimmyvanilla

    Guide AdmobiSpy Walkthrough : A leader in competitive mobile intelligence .

    You're the undisputed spymaster @Akahma
  17. jimmyvanilla

    Follow Along Zero to hero and back again my Leadbit Journey

    If your campaign leaves the test phase, if it survives optimization, it will be a rocket. It will be a minister of profit praying for clicks. But until that day, your campaigns are pukes. Your creatives are the lowest form of life on Earth. Your sites are not even landing fucking pages...
  18. jimmyvanilla

    Follow Along 1st Follow Along - Servando's $10/day Guide

    Off to a nice start (y)