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  1. guo19921230

    First Page Ads

    I saw the Megapu.sh have an ad named First Page Ads, Do you know there's some other platform that has First Page Ads?? Thanks!
  2. guo19921230

    clickloss error

    Hello, everyone, I found a very strange problem. You buy traffic on the traffic platform. If you buy traffic from developed countries, such as us,the traffic will have less loss, but if you buy traffic from developing countries, such as india, there will be more traffic clickloss. , I used my...
  3. guo19921230

    Bot Traffic!

    Hello everyone, I joined this forum to learn affiliate marketing. I have reviewed the course for beginners (Thanks Luke), Anyone can introduce some method that how to filter bot traffic? I look forward to your support and understanding, I am a newbie in this world of affiliate marketing. Thank you!
  4. guo19921230

    Which push traffic platform do you think is best in 2019?

    Which push traffic platform do you think is best in 2019?You can talk about fake traffic or price or other aspects, thank you!