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  1. Ianternet

    Any Networks in Medellin, Colombia?

    If there are any networks in Medellin, Colombia, message me as I would want to meet and get an understanding of the industry here. There seems to be a lot of digital agency that semi do traffic and I want to do a meetup to get a broad introduction with everyone.
  2. Ianternet

    Follow Along SelfAdvertiser Optimized Campaign, Luke Said I'm Not a Winner 😡

    Traffic Source: SelfAdvertiser Networks: Advidi - Sweep - SOI/CC Trial Tracker: LandingTrack Payout: Varied Started out on Domain Redirects/Then Push/ But wasn't getting volume... I checked their traffic estimator and realized they do not have that much volume in both. Will be setting up a Pop...
  3. Ianternet

    Follow Along Crowd Sourcing an Affiliate Campaign? Here are the First Data Points

    So I did it and made the first crowdsourced affiliate campaign. Everyone filled out an affiliate survey on how to set up the campaign and now we created it but there have been issues with the internet and I was just rushing the LIVE just because I do not think I am that good on showing, cause I...
  4. Ianternet

    Help Me Setup My Ads... Follow Along Too?

    I am starting a community-driven case study and I want to see what the affLifters think the best ad combination will be. There are 2 sections the basics of the ad from image to headline to copy and the actual campaign setup. Fill out what you think the best ad combination will be and I will set...
  5. Ianternet

    Affiliate Marketing Death is Around the Corner, But We Are Strong

    It gets frustrating, I know. I have seen the ups and downs of this industry for the last 15 years. What keeps me going are the circles and relations I have made over time. That is why I decided to create a Slack group to counteract the vanishing of affiliates in the industry. It does happen...
  6. Ianternet

    These are what my 2020 Predictions and Thoughts Are in this Industry

    I posted this on my Facebook Page as well. I wanted to see what everyone thoughts about in the industry and its change. I also didn't add some notes on video and how I think stories might be oversaturated as well. I am still skeptical about that as I do not do too much video or stories on social...
  7. Ianternet

    [HOW] SEO vs Paid Traffic - Link Rotate Base on Type

    moving into the WH of things, I am trying to track some of my blog posts that do not have postback issues and now I want to atleast track LP to offer CTR - the problem is I want to change the link base on a url token - if that url token is not visible default to the original tracking link - is...
  8. Ianternet

    Taboola issue with Landers

    is anyone having issues with taboola not liking single link landers now a days? I have been advertising with them and now they are not accepting my landers because it is all single clicks. I need to expand the links to other parts of a 'website' even though at the top they require advertorial to...
  9. Ianternet

    SmartLink Offers broken down by offer or type

    does anyone work with a SmartLink network or a network with a smartlink platform that breaks the SmartLink by the offer of impressions? meaning... that if I use a network smartlink that it gets broken down by the offer id in their reporting so I can work closely with that specific offer?
  10. Ianternet

    What is Everyones Win Rate on MobIdea?

    I want to see what everyone win rate is on MobIdea... I feel it should be bigger. Currently, I am at .32% - what is yours?
  11. Ianternet

    Affiliate Marketing 2.0, Irony of this Industry.

    so I am not sure if everyone or some have been seeing the affiliate marketing 2.0 ads on Facebook. But it is basic lead gen email form and then emailing them offers. You are growing an asset and then milking off the asset over the years without the need to spend on ads as much as long as the...
  12. Ianternet

    Coupon Style Landing Page?

    Does anyone have a simple coupon style landing page? to share :) I do not want to do the design or a standard style LP right now.
  13. Ianternet

    Thought I Share this... Wonder to which network

    wonder to which network they sell it too... more importantly what % of the pool or its users pool
  14. Ianternet

    Anyone play around with Smartlinks?

    I want to just start using smart links from networks. I feel it is the easiests way to profit as the network as the data and all they gotta do is deliver base on the user. When I did a smart link test on megapush the smart link won 64% but still didnt break even. has anyone else tried to just...