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  1. Ali-M2007

    Follow Along Optimizing a CPM Campaign (Popads)

    Hello everybody, hope you all are fine and vaccinated! 😅 I'm working on a cpm campaign in popads and trying to optimize it (cut not-performing segments). And I do have a quick question and want to know your opinion. Below are result of one of my recent cpm campaigns sorted by conversion...
  2. Ali-M2007

    Difference between Responsive Mainstream and Mobile Mainstream?

    Hey guys, Hope you all are fine and are experience profitable days! 😁 I was looking for offers in my network and saw some offers marked as "responsive mainstream" and some others are "mobile mainstream". I was wondering if you could tell me what's the different between those two terms and if...
  3. Ali-M2007

    Follow Along Advertizer (CPA) - Traffic from Monetizer

    Hey guys, I've recently read guide of @jimmyvanilla about Complete Guide to Advertizer CPA Campaigns. And became interested to give it a shot. Here's my first follow-along about it and hope it'll be useful for both myself and others! 😁 Trafic source: Advertizer Tracker: bemob Offers: Varies...
  4. Ali-M2007

    How to fix a rejected campaigns on Advertizer?

    Hey guys! I've a question and I wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience and found a solution for that. I've created some campaigns on Advertizer, and they've been rejected. I've asked my AM the reason and here's his response: "I've just checked and as I mentioned the LP needs to...
  5. Ali-M2007

    The difference between aggressive and mainstream offers

    Hello everybody! I have a question. (maybe one of those beginner stupid ones! 😁 ) . Can someone explains to me that what's the main different between aggressive and mainstream offers? As as as I understood, they are both CPA, so is there any different in promoting them when it comes to those...
  6. Ali-M2007

    Can an ad be hidden from spy tools?

    Hi guys! I have a question about spy tools and I hope I can get an answer here. I'm using Adplexity Push at the moment but when I check ads, most of the times, it says that the advertiser does not use any "Tracking Software", which means, it's probably a branding campaign. But it's a kind...
  7. Ali-M2007

    How to use "top publisher list" in spy tool

    Hi @Luke as you requested, the thread has been created. Hope you're fine and doing great. Sorry that I came back to you too soon with a new question! ☺️ You're too kind and helpful and I really feel free to ask you my beginner questions, I hope I'm not bothering you by my questions. I wanted...
  8. Ali-M2007

    Follow Along 1st Follow Along - Luke Beginners Guide

    Hello everyone! This is my first Follow Along thread for Luke's Beginner Guide. So let's run the first campaign and see how it goes. I'm deeply looking for your advice, opinion and feedback to see if we can find some profitable GEOs from this campaign, so don't hesitate to share your opinion...
  9. Ali-M2007

    This is Ali, A New Media Buyer... :)

    Hello everyone! My name is Ali, I studied Computer Science in university and jumped into affiliate marketing industry from 2016. I focused on SEO at the beginning because it was a recommended way for Free traffic, however, I was always interested in paid traffic and recently found out about...