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  1. zero click

    Why i love RTXplatform Pop traffic "mini case study"

    Hey afflifters hope you're all doing great back in day i was thread about RTxplatform traffic which you can find here i was running this trageting 1 channel and only HIGH likelihood traffic for a year or so i've been running fashion brands such as Shein, Zaful, Romwe things was great so...
  2. zero click

    need some explain for this please

    Hey guys can any buddy explain for this please because i didn't even run Kintura's ML overall and why that happens ? i also just created a campaign to test ML performance but see something weird i have create a direct route and normal one with my own lander but ends like that i'm seeing the...
  3. zero click

    Need some help with kintura

    hey all iis there any one who can tell me how to put this token [[subscription_freshness]] what comes before it like that ??????=[[subscription_freshness]]
  4. zero click

    PPV spy tools ?

    hey all is there any working spy tools form ppv traffic from RTX & Propel media still alive ?
  5. zero click

    How you would like choose keyword for ppv traffic ?

    Hey guys how are you all i just wanna discuss how you would like choose keyword for ppv traffic with platforms such rtxplatform,Propalmedia....etc coz for me i run only and set only Domains in the targets not just a keyword i believe understanding this can help a lot to scale my campaigns to...
  6. zero click

    Case Study RTXplatform Domain Traffic With CPS offer!

    Hello guys today i'm just write this case which is can inspire you to use domain traffic i saw that RTXplatform has Domain traffic and i decide to give it a shut so i got some Branded CPS offer called Shein the geos i had target based on the affiliate network reporting as top converting...
  7. zero click

    Follow Along A step for scaleing ?

    Hey hey hey so after my last thread i was doing really good so i decide to take first step for sacleing this campaign first thing i done so far is getting higher activity traffic from propellerads i had choose the medium than i have to increase my bid from 0.001 to 0.002 just run a new...
  8. zero click

    Case Study Propellerads & Monetizer %134 ROI with 9k Push subscribers+my winning Zones gift

    Hello guys it was very long time seen i have writing a case study i was useing this strategy with Advertizer & Mobidea check it out Mobidea Smartlink-advertizer push traffic i have decide to try it with propellerads & Monetizer and BOOM Great ROI So here some overview Offer...
  9. zero click

    Can i set a traffic source as an affiliate network

    Hey guys Can i set a traffic source as an affiliate network such as adcash or propellerads ...etc on any tracking platform like bemob ? Thanks
  10. zero click

    Case Study Mobidea Smartlink-advertizer push traffic

    hey guys so here is my first case study here so i was working with Push traffic about 1 year ago Geo was EG Mobile Android my Bid was 0.006 very cheap i believe Spend $126 totally but i have made 1 mistakes in this case " i haven't use a tracking for this test! " if i was use it it was...
  11. zero click

    Guide Affiliate Offers That's Working with Adwords

    Hello Salah here from egypt let's Get start Frist thing i want to say That ADWORDS didn't Hates Affiliates yes you read it Adwords Hate's Unclean Offers Like sweepstakes ....etc And For Sure Link's that's have Spamscore like maxbounty links (that's why most affiliates work with adwords...