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  1. overdoseri

    How to track multiple redirect landing pages

    Hi, I use Purelander becouse it have so great options I make a landing page which after 10 seconds redirects to another, with back button redirect also so I have multiple redirects and all the landing pages go to same offer link so I would like to know is it possible to track all the landing...
  2. overdoseri

    back button/ popunder monetisation

    Hi friends, I would like to remonetise my back button traffic so can you give me advice what networkd are buying popunder and redirect traffic? for example I applied to exoclick to monetise redirect and back button and they asked me for my website. the problem is that I use s3 bucket for my...
  3. overdoseri

    Click to sms offers landing pages

    Hi, I am newbie here so firstly I want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills. this is a great forum this is my first post and I hope that I do it correctly. Do somebody know where can I find mobile "click to sms" landng pages? I purchased AdPeriscope for spying but I dont have...