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  1. AdMaven

    Come Meet Us In New York 🗽

    AdMaven is back in New York this summer! Join us at the Affiliate summit east on 19-20 of July 2021 in NYC. Wanna know more about the event? Click here to get more info! Don't miss this opportunity to meet the team in person at the meet market table number 1404, We look forward to meeting...
  2. AdMaven

    Who Said UEFA EURO2020⚽

    With the upcoming Sports Events, we thought it's essential for us to go through the basics and give you some tips and tricks to prepare yourself! Read our blog to find out HOW YOU SHOULD PLAY IT RIGHT with sports events. Afflift Users get a $50 bonus upon a $100 first deposit! Click HERE to...
  3. AdMaven

    𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐚 𝐰𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐫!

    AdMaven, An official sponsor of #clickbidTulum 2021, personally Invites you to participate in a 3 days, Covid-free event, taking place in a safe environment resort, including PCR tests on-premises! We will all be there for 3 days full of meetings, Sun & cocktails... Get your early bird...
  4. AdMaven

    AdMaven are integrated with TheOptimizer!

    We got some really exciting news for you today! We are now integrated with TheOptimizer! Thanks to this integration, AdMaven advertisers will be able to automate the optimization of their campaigns with the flick of a switch! Here’s how you can benefit from this integration: See combined...
  5. AdMaven

    Holiday Season Top Tips!

    The holiday season, along with its shopping frenzy, is just around the corner and it’s time to buckle up because, by everybody’s predictions, this shopping season is going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD. November is the ultimate shopping month with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as Chinese...
  6. AdMaven

    October’s HOT VERTICALS / New offers – More profit!

    Hey guys, check out the list we've created for our advertisers. These offers were on fire last month! Our mantra is that there is no better time to test new offers than now! Running one of these offers? Give it a try on Ad-Maven! We have a $50 bonus coupon upon a $100 first deposit. Anti-Virus...
  7. AdMaven

    For the first time ever - We are sharing a WL!

    In our last newsletter, we have mentioned upcoming sports events to focus on with your offers. Due to AMAZING results some of our advertisers had, we’ve decided to share with you some of the sources you should keep an eye for! What am I targeting? These are top quality sources that work...
  8. AdMaven

    Score rocking returns with the NFL season kickoff! 🏈🏈

    Whether you're rooting for the Houston Texans or the Kansas City Chiefs, one thing is for sure, the NFL will be back on Friday and it's a major opportunity for all of you. The better news is that the NFL is only one of many upcoming sports events like the NBA playoffs and the European football...
  9. AdMaven

    Why you SHOULD target Tier 3 countries - a special promotion!

    Country tiers are a way to categorize countries based on different factors, but mostly by how strong and established their economies are. There are 3 different tiers and understating the differences between them can help advertisers to select a proper offer. It's important to know that every...
  10. AdMaven

    5 Tips to Becoming an ANTI-FRAGILE Affiliate & Media Buyer

    The secret of building a career as an affiliate marketer is to build yourself as an antifragile pro. Based on our extensive experience, we wanted to share with you 5 tips that are the top key elements for building yourself as a successful media buyer in the world of affiliation. Click here...
  11. AdMaven


    Dear affLifters! The summer is already here, and what's a better way to welcome it than an EXTRA bonus? This month is all about Pop traffic Spend $750 on pop traffic and get $50 back! Spend $1300 or more on pop traffic and get 10% back! ($200 cashback max) So grab your bathing suit, a towel...
  12. AdMaven

    Get The Missing Piece For The Perfect Push Campaign

    Many advertisers are struggling to get results from their campaigns, so at the first sign of trouble, they shut it down and move on to other things. We gathered for you all the pieces you need to 🤩 fill in all the blanks 🤩and get the most out of your campaign: Click here to read it...
  13. AdMaven

    World-Wide Pop traffic

    Looking for worldwide Pop traffic? Fully customizable Pop ads for your campaign, that will get you the exposure you need. Read more about the benefits of running a pop campaign (https://bit.ly/2AbsK4U ) Don't forget - every Afflifter has a $50 welcome bonus upon his first deposit!
  14. AdMaven

    Don't miss these new AdMaven insights on #Forbes

    Hey guys, I've wanted to share with our #Forbes article, (https://bit.ly/2AGSXIv) exploring which publishers & apps benefited most from the global lockdown. Besides the expected spikes in activity for streaming platforms or news outlets, other verticals also saw a significant spike in demand as...
  15. AdMaven

    Tips to adjust ad creatives to connect with people stuck at home

    With web traffic rising and conversions growing across key verticals including gaming, entertainment, utility apps, and anti-virus installs - advertisers need to adjust their creatives to connect with over one billion customers stuck at home. How can I make my ad creatives more effective? 1...
  16. AdMaven

    Key Verticals & Traffic Booming For Advertisers During Corona Crisis

    Hey guys, as you probably know the COVID-19 is affecting our industry as much as it affects the entire world. We've wanted to share with some insights from the past two weeks: Last week, US web traffic climbed 20%, virtual private network, or VPN, jumped 30% and gaming skyrocketed 75%. With...
  17. AdMaven

    AdMaven's special Cyber Monday deposit bonuses!

    Hey Guys! So we're passed Balck Friday, And we rocking Cyber Monday tomorrow :) We've got a special deposit cash back tailored just for you guys! Sign up NOW! https://bit.ly/2RdTlBU Deposit $1-$1,000 - Receive an extra 5% Bonus. Deposit $1,000-$2,000 - Receive an extra $100 Bonus. Deposit...