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  1. overdoseri

    Follow Along Casino + Survey + Push + Email = 💲💲💲???

    Hi, can you please explain me how you implement email opt-in in landing page? Is it possible to insert a script in landing page html editor?
  2. overdoseri

    Official Anstrex Push Notification Spy Tool is Here

    it is great that Anstrex Download and deploy feature but are those landing pages cleaned from hidden malicious scripts which steals traffic?
  3. overdoseri

    How to track multiple redirect landing pages

    Hi, I use Purelander becouse it have so great options I make a landing page which after 10 seconds redirects to another, with back button redirect also so I have multiple redirects and all the landing pages go to same offer link so I would like to know is it possible to track all the landing...
  4. overdoseri

    [GIVEAWAY] Push Ads Sweepstakes Mastery Course

    richpush becouse I use only them. I will try also another networks
  5. overdoseri

    back button/ popunder monetisation

    thank you guys
  6. overdoseri

    Guide Spy on Others Like professionals, Part 2 (Anstrex ) Spy on Push

    great it will help me and a lot of people. thank you
  7. overdoseri

    back button/ popunder monetisation

    Hi friends, I would like to remonetise my back button traffic so can you give me advice what networkd are buying popunder and redirect traffic? for example I applied to exoclick to monetise redirect and back button and they asked me for my website. the problem is that I use s3 bucket for my...
  8. overdoseri

    Guide The Complete Guide to Setting up Your First Ever Affiliate Campaign.

    How is that? I tried many times rip page with httrack and many times there are errors in landing page when I replace links with mine.. can yo give me some advice? many of times landing page is broken when I rip it . also I see 2 index.html files and that confuses me a little bit..
  9. overdoseri

    PPC CPA Course - Heard of / used this one?

    yeah, I paid 3500 usd for courses and I waited 2 months just to activate my account. he is not doing any adult now..
  10. overdoseri

    Click to sms offers landing pages

    I will look for it . Thank you Luke! :)
  11. overdoseri

    Click to sms offers landing pages

    thats great! I used AdPlexity before but now I purchased AdPeriscope from Anstrex becouse it is cheaper. I tried to search offers by Advertisers (like on Adplexity) but I didnt find that option.. :(
  12. overdoseri

    Click to sms offers landing pages

    Hi, I am newbie here so firstly I want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills. this is a great forum this is my first post and I hope that I do it correctly. Do somebody know where can I find mobile "click to sms" landng pages? I purchased AdPeriscope for spying but I dont have...
  13. overdoseri

    MOBIPIUM is looking for Mobile Content Providers

    I have mobile content offers . I would like to pay affiliates who want to promote this kind of offers. I am in that business 12 years ( hot sms chat and tarot services) and I tought that it will be great that experienced affiliates promote this kind of offers and pay them . if you can give me...
  14. overdoseri

    Creating Your Own VAS/Mobile Content Offers?

    I will ask for that and inform yoi when I get this informations. Do you maybe know where I can search for click to sms landing pages?
  15. overdoseri

    Comment by 'overdoseri' in article 'AdPlexity vs Anstrex: Which Spy Works Best for You'

    I am so glad to hear that. I almost bought adplexity for adult becouse I didnt know that you have also adult spying and much cheaper.
  16. overdoseri

    Creating Your Own VAS/Mobile Content Offers?

    Hi. I have my own offers. MT flow. In my country are not strict regulations for carrier billing. I don't have experience in promoting click to sms offers, have any advice?