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  1. PureVPN

    Your 90% Bonus Commission Awaits You!

    Dear Affiliates, Finally, the UEFA Euro 2020 is back, and fans are super-hyped up to catch the event live online. Grab this amazing opportunity to promote PureVPN to earn up to 90% Bonus commission on top of your regular commissions, which means 10x more earnings. Plus, your readers or...
  2. PureVPN

    11 headline formulas to boost conversions

    Don`t reinvent the wheel. Utilize proven headline formulas to boost your conversions. 1. How to [Achieve a Desired Outcome] 2. [Large Number] of Ways to [Achieve an Outcome] 3. The Ultimate Guide to [Achieve a Desired Outcome] 4. Warning! Are You [Doing Something Undesirable]? 5. [Number]...
  3. PureVPN

    I know how to increase YouTube annotation CTR by 22,400% ;)

    Here are instructions on how this guy increased his YouTube annotation CTR by 22,400% (from 0.2% to 45%) which resulted in millions of views. 1. Visit your 28-day analytics views report. 2. Find the most popular video. 3. Go to the Audience Retention tab of your analytics dashboard. Select...
  4. PureVPN

    6 Ways You Can Boost Your YouTube Earnings with Affiliate Marketing

    YouTube advertising is a great way to create a steady stream of revenue. But in your initial days, the revenue you make out of ads may not amount to anything much. Don’t lose heart if you are not squeezing enough juice through YouTube ads alone. There are many other ways to put your YouTube...
  5. PureVPN

    Get Featured on Times Square with PureVPN

    Hello Buddies! Got some news ----> The stage is all set for you! Now you can share your thoughts and feelings on the Biggest Stage of all time. Just send a message to your loved ones (family, friends, or even your favorite celebrity) and it will feature on an iconic Times Square Digital Screen...
  6. PureVPN

    Crypto Affiliates Earning 10x with PureVPN

    Nopes, our default payout payment mode is US dollars, we do payout through Paypal and through Bank Wire Transfer.
  7. PureVPN

    Crypto Affiliates Earning 10x with PureVPN

    Hi Guys! Hope you all are well. Sharing the Update --> Crypto Affiliates Earning 10x with PureVPN PureVPN is one of the top 3 VPN services around the globe and we are continuously on the lookout for partners on YouTube and Websites that are working in the crypto space. As cryptocurrency is...
  8. PureVPN

    🎁 Xmas Gifts for PureVPN Affiliates - Get $100 Bonus

    Hello From PureVPN! We are passing on the biggest sales event of the year. I am writing to offer you an extra Bonus. Any Sales you will refer to from Today till Cyber Monday (27th Nov Til 1st Dec) - You will get an extra 20% commission on each sale on top of your existing commission. The deal...
  9. PureVPN

    PureVPN Payout For Black Friday / Cyber Monday (Extra 20%)

    Hello From PureVPN! We are passing on the biggest sales event of the year. I am writing to offer you an extra Bonus. Any Sales you will refer to from Today till Cyber Monday (27th Nov Til 1st Dec) - You will get an extra 20% commission on each sale on top of your existing commission. The deal...
  10. PureVPN

    Black Friday 2020 Affiliate Marketing Deals!

    Avail PureVPN's Black Friday Deal - The Biggest VPN Deal of the Year. 88% OFF on the 5-Year Plan for just $79. (Comes at just $1.32/month instead of $10.95 per month). Here's the link: https://link.purevpn.com/AffLift Apply Code: "AF10" to avail additional 10% discount on the deal. Get the...
  11. PureVPN

    Interested in buying a VPN with Black Friday Discount?

    Guys! It's time to avail the biggest Black Friday VPN Deal now. "88% OFF on 5-Year Plan for just $79 or $1.32/month" Not only this, you can add an Aff Lift's community code and avail an additional 10% Discount! Code: AffLift10 Visit this link: https://link.purevpn.com/AffLift Those who...
  12. PureVPN

    Affiliate Marketing Promo Codes and Coupons

    You won't be disappointed with our #AllNewPureVPN apps :)
  13. PureVPN

    Affiliate Marketing Promo Codes and Coupons

    Hello Guys! As you all know that each one of us needs different tools and techniques to work in this affiliate marketing industry. For that, we save the money and wait for the whole year to avail some exclusive discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I from PureVPN would like to share that...
  14. PureVPN

    Are you an influencer, live streamer or Youtuber?

    Hey Guys! I am looking to connect with Influencers, Live Streamers, and YouTubers for the following categories: - Tech - Gaming - LifeStyle - Deals (Specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday) - How To's and Unboxing - Sports - Streaming - Crypto Just say 'Aye' in the comment!
  15. PureVPN

    Get your Affiliate Program Added to our Link Directory!

    Here's the Best Highest Paying VPN Affiliate Program: https://www.purevpn.com/affiliate/vpn-affiliate.php Can we add PureVPN?
  16. PureVPN

    Looking for Tech, Gaming and Lifestyle Affiliates!

    PureVPN is all set to treat it's affiliates with 5x income in the last span of 2020. Are you all set for the most awaited season of the year? Our Halloween Deal is performing 3x better than last year even though the day is yet to come. We forecast our upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday...
  17. PureVPN

    Hello from PureVPN!

    Awesome Luke! Would you like to have a Free monthly subscription from us?
  18. PureVPN

    Hello from PureVPN!

    Thanks for a warm welcome. I will definitely add my signature into it.
  19. PureVPN

    Hello from PureVPN!

    Hey All! I am Nizar Ali and I am a digital marketer and a digital enthusiast! I am working for PureVPN as an Affiliate Program Manager. You can view more about my brand in another thread I've just created: https://afflift.com/f/threads/purevpn-affiliate-program.5525/ Glad to be a part of the...
  20. PureVPN

    PureVPN Affiliate Program

    PureVPN is a hot-selling brand in a red hot vertical market right now – Virtual Private Networks. If you’re new to Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) it is a technology used to add both privacy and security to the internet by hiding your real IP address and encrypting your traffic. With today’s...