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  1. javirap

    Follow Along PropellerAds Contest Follow Along - POP SmartCPM - SweepStake Offer

    For the contest, I'll be using an offer that I was running with Push Traffic but I couldn't make it profitable, I thing the traffic was expensive for the payout. I woud like to test the same offer with the same landing with pop traffic to see how it goes. 🎯 Traffic Source: @PropellerAds 🔧...
  2. javirap

    Follow Along EvaDav + iMonetizeIt + Voluum (Dating SL) -> Follow Along (February Contest)

    This is my follow along for the Febraury Contest 🎯 Traffic Source: @EVADAD - PopUnder 🔧 Tracking Tool: @Voluum ✅ Affiliate Network: @iMonetizeIt 👍 Type of Offer: Adult (Dating SmartLink), 💰 Offer Payout: variable,depending on the geos that I will pick. Following the the tips from the post...
  3. javirap

    Bing Beginner Question - Direct Linking

    Hi!! I am new into Bing and I want to test a couple of offers from an Affiliate Network, One thing that I would like to ask is about direct linking. In general is it ok to do direct linking and use the offer's domain in BING? Do this should be a explicit restriction in the offer? I saw that...
  4. javirap

    Kintura - Cancel a Conversion

    Hi, Is there any way in @Kintura to remove a conversion or at least change the value to 0 to not screw up my stats. II had a conversion that was cancel in the Affiliate Network and I would like to cancel in Kintra too. I know this can be done in Bemob but I don't find a way to do this in...
  5. javirap

    Kintura Markers Problem

    Hello, I am using (or trying to use) @Kintura marker, to know which zoneId I've paused in the traffic source. The problem I have is: if I put a marker for example this onein a zoneID inside a campaign A, but iI have the same zoneID inside campaign B with a marker too, the marker of the zoneID...
  6. javirap

    How to Pass conversions From Kintura To Mobidea Push

    Hi, I can't get this working I want to send the conversions to @Mobidea Push, I am using @Kintura as the tracking. I set the url that I copied from Mobidea (https://s2s.mobideapush.com/conversion?click_id={click_id}) into @Kintura Any help will be appreciate :) Thanks!
  7. javirap

    Kintura -Custom Domain Question

    Hi, I am testing @Kintura , one question if I use my custom domain, will be quicker than the subdomain from Kintura? Would it make any difference to buy the premium dns from namecheap since I would use the DNS of kintura (or at least this is what I understood :) )? Thanks
  8. javirap

    Monetizer Postback Question

    Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, so I am in the wrong section please move it to the right place. I have the global postback configured with Bemob, and it is working, the thing is for one smartlink offer I want to test Kintura, so I would need anohter postback url for...
  9. javirap

    Question About Running Multiple Offers

    Hi Guys, I have 3 offers to test, I will user ZeroPark with Pop. One thing I am not sure, what the best approach is: a) 3 differents campaings (one for each campaigns) b) One campaing and rotating the offers (I use Bemob) The offers are in the same vertical, same country and similar payout...
  10. javirap

    Follow Along ZeroPark Domain + Adult Offer

    Hi! Traffic Source: @Zeropark - Domain Tracker: @BeMob Affiliate Network: @ClickDealer Offer Payout: $0.95 GEO Target: Tier 2 Budget Plan: Initially I am going set the campaign to $5/day. This is my first Follow Along, and I wanted to try ZeroPark Domain. I asked my AM for some offers to...
  11. javirap

    Hello!!! My Introduction

    Hi Everyone, My name is Javier I am from Uruguay and I am a new member, I will try my best with the English but I will make some typos for sure :) I have been working with ZeroPark and RTX using Keywords to run the campaigns, and I am doing ok, I started like 6 months ago and I am happy with...