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  1. jonathanbouchard

    FB Ad Account Q&A

    Hey AffLIFTers! Anyone experience with FB ad account renting/farming for affiliate marketing? There are tools/services out there that let you farm accounts (or rent existing accounts), but I can't find anyone who ever tried it or can recommend it. Some of the services are even here on the...
  2. jonathanbouchard

    Who else wants this?

    Hey AffLIFTers! I hope you all had a great week! There is an important feature missing on Afflift. And we all know it: Hahaha...Any chance we get this @Luke? Please, please, please? :)
  3. jonathanbouchard

    Inboxing 101

    Hey Email Marketers! 📩 A few weeks ago, I started building an email list for affiliate marketing and noticed a few things. I'm starting this thread to help collect tips and ideas on how to send better emails, land in our subscriber's inboxes, and increase conversions. 🚀 In my link building...
  4. jonathanbouchard

    Bemob Loading Issue

    Hey Everyone, since a couple of days, I noticed that Bemob is having a lot of problems loading the data (and settings). Sometimes, when I want to edit something, it takes forever for it to load and open, edit, save. Sometimes it doesn't save at all and I have to refresh my browser. Anyone else...
  5. jonathanbouchard

    Follow Along Let's run some ads

    Hi AffLifters! I hope you're all busy working on your ad campaigns and getting them green! Two years ago, I started my affiliate journey and documented most of the steps in this follow along: https://afflift.com/f/threads/my-first-propellerads-campaign.446/ Back then I learned so much that I...
  6. jonathanbouchard

    Anstrex Not Working?

    Hi AffLifters, are you seeing this, too? Besides loading super slow right now, it looks like Anstrex lost almost all the images of their native ads. At outbrain you won't find a single image. First I though maybe it's a no-image ad, but there seems to be images missing for other networks...
  7. jonathanbouchard

    Don't use BeMob if...

    Hey AffLIFTers, I have been really busy the past week and haven't been posting much. It's great to see SO MUCH new content coming up here. That's amazing. For everyone using BeMob I have a super annyoing problem/question. Adwords keeps rejecting my landing pages as soon as I add BeMobs...
  8. jonathanbouchard

    How To Make Money With Sweepstake Offers

    Hey AffLIFTers, I just found a brilliant article on "How to earn money with sweepstakes offers", by @RedTrack.io on Medium. Go read it: https://medium.com/@redtrack.io/how-to-earn-money-with-sweepstakes-offers-d6925e4b2713 PS: It's actually really cool to understand what this article says...
  9. jonathanbouchard

    Follow Along My first BING campaign

    Hello AffLIFTers! After my first follow along which you can find here (click!) I thought sharing my first BING affiliate campaign would be a good idea as well :-) Quick note: Based on my first follow along I want to tell you that posting your journey is one of the best ways to use this forum...
  10. jonathanbouchard

    How to choose a money making offer?

    Hello AffLIFTers! If you're reading this I guess you're facing the same "problem" like I'm doing right now. You discovered the fantastic world of affiliate marketing with all its opportunities readily available to change your life forever. However all these opportunities also open the door to...
  11. jonathanbouchard

    How do you build your landers?

    Hi AffLIFTers, has anyone heard of or tested "TestEasily"? (www.testeasily.com) It's a landing page builder with A/B testing feature so you can split test and track landers "easily". I'm currently testing @LanderBolt which looks very promising at first sight. They have the option to import...
  12. jonathanbouchard

    Follow Along My first PropellerAds campaign

    Hi AffLIFTers! This is my first PropellerAds campaign and I thought sharing it with you is a good idea ;-) I always used to write a journal for myself and doing it this time as a follow-along will hopefully benefit you as well (and hold me accountable) ;-) So here are the details: Offer type...
  13. jonathanbouchard

    Zeropark vs. PropellerAds

    Hi affLIFTers! This forum seems to be heavily focused on mobile (PPV, Pops, Push etc.) and there are certainly some good things about it (cheap clicks, massive volume etc.) and I wonder how you guys approach it. Two of the most used traffic sources seem to be @Zeropark and @PropellerAds . With...
  14. jonathanbouchard

    Facebook Audience Network?

    Hello affLIFTers! I have a question regarding facebook ads and hope you guys can help! Specifically their audience network. Here's the "story": I recently launched a campaign with initially had a cpc of around $0,70. It was a simple lead gen offer (rent 2 own) lead gen with a $2,45 payout...