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  1. charliebrown

    Follow Along SelfAdvertiser Contest Follow Along

    Hey guys here's my Follow Along for the SelfAdvertiser contest. :D My Setup: Format - Push Tracker - RedTrack Network - ClickDealer Geo: LATAM Vertical: Sweeps or Dating Tools: LanderBolt & Anstrex Time to start looking for some offers on ClickDealer and spy on campaigns with my Anstrex...
  2. charliebrown

    Follow Along Building Email Lists with Paid Traffic

    Hey guys. I wanted to share a follow along (or case study?) where I will be building email lists using traffic networks like PropellerAds, ZeroPark and Bing Ads. I've been an email marketer for the past 8...? maybe 10 years... But the type of mailing I've been doing is not the usual type...
  3. charliebrown

    Follow Along The Megapush Chronicles

    Hello AffLift readers! Luke was kind enough to share a $10 Megapush promo code with me in exchange for starting a follow along and since I've never used Megapush before, I jumped at the opportunity as fast as i could. Let's see what we can do with this much appreciated promo code! 🎯 Traffic...
  4. charliebrown

    Charles Ngo Affiliate Marketing 2.0 Crash Course

    Anyone else been reading his emails on this "New Lead Gen System"? It's about how 2 brothers (The Day Brothers) starting sending traffic to landing pages and collecting emails instead of just redirecting them to a single offer. It's an interesting "case study" and he'll be releasing 3 videos...
  5. charliebrown

    Datspush Site_ID Question

    Hey guys quick question for anyone that has some experience with Datspush. Are there suppose to be so few site_ids? I have a campaign running and 99% of the traffic is coming from just 1 source :o
  6. charliebrown

    list monetization services

    I have been working with Email Marketing since 2010. And i started taking it serious in 2011-2012. Here are my YTD stats for my favorite network W4. (for email related offers): This is not my only account. I have had a few different once with them depending if i am mailing GI or TLD data of...
  7. charliebrown

    Follow Along PropellerAds Onclick + Sweeps (Poland)

    Jumping in a little late for the December Contest but here we go! Details: Popunders - Mobile Only Geo: Poland Offer: Sweeps (Win a Smartphone) Bid: SmartCPM. Setting this to $0.50 for now Budget: $10-20 per day (trying $10 but if its like push traffic i probably will not see many impressions...
  8. charliebrown

    Follow Along Doing Surgey on PopAds

    Offer #1: Tracker: Bemob (TrackingDesk Coming Soon!) Geo: Singapore Offer: SuperMarket Voucher Most of my settings are set to the default values. If there are any changes its in the screenshots below: My Bidding. I chose Smart Bid Instead of Legacy Bid. My Categories: I started with All...
  9. charliebrown

    Where's all of PopAds traffic?

    Anyone else seen PopAds traffic estimator show almost no traffic for lots of geos. For example, Russia shows less than 1k daily impressions when targeting smartphone device. US only shows 13k impressions for smartphone users.... Maybe i am used to seeing larger amount of traffic since i...
  10. charliebrown

    Got no clicks but i do see conversions...

    Anyone know why this might be going on with propellerads (push/cpc) + bemob: 564 visits but 0 clicks ...
  11. charliebrown

    Whats your PopAds bidding style/strategy?

    For those running on PopAds whats your strategy when it comes to bidding? Are you a fan of the smart bid? or the Legacy bid? Do you like to start testing being bidder #1 or do you prefer to bid lower and be in the 5-10 bidding line?
  12. charliebrown

    What's the longest you've had a Push offer be ROI + ?

    I've heard push offers don't last long... So I'm curious if anyone can share some insight. Is this true? Or are there affiliates running a push offer for longer than a month?
  13. charliebrown

    Using Peerfly SmartLink to Create Global Blacklist?

    I notice a lot of guys say to test multiple offers when starting out and then cutting down and optimizing. But this might cost a lot if you are new and don't have a big budget. Plus we might spend a lot on the worst zones in terms of clicks to conversion ratios or bots. What if we use a...
  14. charliebrown

    Follow Along Push Traffic w/ PropellerAds

    Here goes nothing....:sick::poop::unsure::sneaky: 1st Campaign Setup and Waiting for Approval... Source: Push traffic from PropellerAds Offer: Crypto Geo: Tier3 Tracker: Bemob Bidding: CPM - I set it 2 cents above the avg bid ("before the first arch" on PropellerAds graph) Screenshots coming...
  15. charliebrown

    Payday loans and ppv/push?

    Hello I’m wondering ... has anyone had any success running payday loans on sources like zero park, or propeller ads or push notifications? I’ve never but some of the payouts look promising for a lead gen
  16. charliebrown

    Setting Up Offer Link For Affiliate Networks

    Im using affiliate network called Mobusi which is not available on Bemob affiliate networks templates i tried to use their offer link that looks like but didnt work : https://play.leadzuaf.com/?m=0E60JG349643&offer_key=xxxxxx&a={pub_id}.{click_id}&pubid={pub_id} Im looking to add clickid...