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  1. Tyoussef

    affiliate marketing IS NOT dead 💪

    actually i didn't see Charles's article until last Monday, and i would like to share some of my thoughts about this. 'affiliate marketing is hard compared to 2010' this is not true, because if you said this you have to say "e-commerce is hard", and SAAS is hard, Crypto is hard and everything is...
  2. Tyoussef

    Follow Along Experimenting With PPV Traffic & Keyword Targeting 🤷‍♂️🤞💲

    that's soo solid, because i thought that crazy CTR happened with one conversion which is not.
  3. Tyoussef

    Follow Along Pressure makes diamonds (IVR journey)

    good start @Kristalized -26% seems really good start . keep going, and good luck with your campaigns.
  4. Tyoussef

    Hello from Seville, Spain !!

    hi and welcome to the forum @diego . this is a good start brother.
  5. Tyoussef

    Follow Along Experimenting With PPV Traffic & Keyword Targeting 🤷‍♂️🤞💲

    thanks for sharing this @jimmyvanilla wow, how much is the payout of this offer ?.
  6. Tyoussef

    How many of you are actively investing in Crypto?

    actually this is not my thing. but all i did is bought some of BTC and some ether, around 1k$ split between both, and i forgot about them. i don't want to make myself worried 'is it up' or 'is it down'.
  7. Tyoussef

    Whitehat Lead Gen - The vertical affiliates aren't talking about

    nice article @servandosilva, thanks for sharing this. @Nick please do so when you have time, i can't wait to see that.
  8. Tyoussef

    Free Tool to Detect Broken Buttons on Your Landing Page

    Nice and good idea. but it's not a good idea to load this overtime someone lands on your landing page.
  9. Tyoussef

    New Course! Push Ads Sweepstakes Mastery 🚀

    this is amazing @Luke and thanks a lot @Nick for the effort you put in there.
  10. Tyoussef

    Follow Along Popcash + Bemob + Pushflow + Finance Offers from Zeydoo

    @cobbdotclick perfect am following this. I think you need to keep this at least for a week then you can judge if the system is proven to work well and you are in green then you can start increasing the traffic
  11. Tyoussef

    Follow Along iOS VPN with CPA Pops from Galaksion

    that's true, that lander type will work better on streaming sites.
  12. Tyoussef

    E-mail compliance

    that's how I think too.
  13. Tyoussef

    How to a/b test your affiliate landing pages for amazing results? 🔥⚖️

    thanks for sharing this article Magda.
  14. Tyoussef

    how many push subs do you have?

    check this https://onesignal.com/. there are so many of them out there.
  15. Tyoussef

    Follow Along Zeydoo Contest - Survey offers + CPI offer + PPV

    how many offers you have tried ?. what vertical you keep trying ?. have you asked your affiliate manager to give you their top converting offers ?. do you get some conversions on the offers you are trying? can you share more about what you did?.
  16. Tyoussef

    Follow Along Zeydoo Contest - Survey offers + CPI offer + PPV

    why don't you try more offers?. it's normal, you will not find your first winner from the first try.
  17. Tyoussef

    Guide The Complete Guide to Setting up Your First Ever Affiliate Campaign.

    try PureLander landing page ripper instead of httrack
  18. Tyoussef

    Guide Tutorial Step-By-Step: how to create and host your landing page, the right way on amazon AWS.

    which part confuses you ?. yes, we started focusing on that, because our members keep asking us about new landing pages all the time. whenever we add new templates we notify everybody via email.
  19. Tyoussef

    Comment by 'Tyoussef' in article 'PureLander Affiliate Landing Page Builder'

    I don't recommend that, when you create your landing page it's going to have a lot of HTML divs and CSS classes, they have to add that in order to make the drag and drop feature works in their back end. and if this plugin you are using uses some PHP in the backend, that's even worse. that's...
  20. Tyoussef

    Guide Getting Started - Haka.Mobi's 1-Click Worldwide SMS Offers

    thanks for sharing this @Nick.