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  1. luartes.fj

    Hi, My Name is Ryan from Indonesia. Nice to Know You guys!

    Hi Ryan! Welcome to AffLift! Check out the Pops Guide or Best of AffLift post in Getting Started. Cheers!
  2. luartes.fj

    Follow Along 1st Follow Along - Luke Beginners Guide

    Did you get the Website ID's that are converting and set it specifically on PopAds? So you optimized the campaign by the website ID's and by country?
  3. luartes.fj

    Follow Along 1st Follow Along - Luke Beginners Guide

    I did something like this with my run of Pops Guide. How do you get the Website ID's for optimizing the campaign?
  4. luartes.fj

    This is Ali, A New Media Buyer... :)

    I have finished the Pops Guide as well. Yeah maybe it is time to take action and do my own campaigns. Thank you for the reply! :)
  5. luartes.fj

    This is Ali, A New Media Buyer... :)

    Welcome @Ali-M2007! I noticed you mentioned Charles Ngo. Have you checked his Lead Gen Engine course? How was it?
  6. luartes.fj

    Hi from the land of the pyramids 😅👋

    Welcome! fellow beginner here. Good luck with your affiliate marketing journey! :)
  7. luartes.fj

    Hello from Irvine, California

    Welcome! fellow newbie here :)
  8. luartes.fj


    Thank you! :)
  9. luartes.fj

    Step 14 - Success / Failure Stories

    Done with two campaign runs of $5 each. Basically I followed the guide and just paused the 2nd run now after it ran out of money. Hope I can optimize this further and get positive ROI. Thank you for this pops guide :)
  10. luartes.fj


    Thanks Servando! I have a lot of questions. haha For now I'll do the Beginner Guides and feel my way from there.
  11. luartes.fj


    Thanks for this Luke! I will follow this Pops Guide. I'll also check out the contest this Feb :) Maybe I can do the follow along while I'm learning this stuff.
  12. luartes.fj


    Hi AffLift! I am Fred. I am based in Metro Manila. I am a beginner with affiliate marketing and a lurker here and in another IM forum. I pulled the trigger with getting a membership here because I think it will help me more than just lurking and not doing anything to move forward. I hope to...