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  1. FireB@B@

    Hi! I am Kamal

    Hello @agentf mate, i was lurking around here from last one and a half yr lol. But never had courage to introduce myself yet (Introvert). It feels very good to be here. Thanks hey @jimmyvanilla mate, most of time online nowadays can share every bit of knowledge for PPC i have. you can pm me...
  2. FireB@B@

    Hi! I am Kamal

    Hey @all, I am Kamal from India. 5+ yrs of experience with PPC (every type of hat). From starting of this year, i am not sucessful to run campaigns profitably majorly on google ads because of hell of updates with their AI. But with all this experience i have come across with PPP (Patience...
  3. FireB@B@

    [Free BETA] Undetectable.io Browser - Unlimited Browser Profiles, Fast and Secure Marketing Tool

    Nice! would love some case studies for google ads,fb ads and tiktok ads from you guys Thanks in advance.
  4. FireB@B@

    Bing Ads Journey

    Bing`s traffic is inconsistent in matter of quality. If the ads are showing on Own(like Bing.com or Aol.com,etc.) they are high quality.but i recommend you to make seprate camp for both own and operated(like duckduckgo and many more). I hope you are getting my point. Anyways nice result. Bing...
  5. FireB@B@

    Australia Virtual Phone Numbers

    Directsms(dot)com(dot)au may be this can help you.
  6. FireB@B@

    SSL Proxy

    agentf, i want to use this proxy server to serve as VPN
  7. FireB@B@

    SSL Proxy

    yes mate, Proxy Server
  8. FireB@B@

    SSL Proxy

    Need some suggestion how to setup SSLProxy for my business (ads account farm).
  9. FireB@B@

    Case Study How to get $972.72 in a month using Content Lockers and WOM Marketing?

    Hey! Nice Case Study. Will love to read more Thanks!
  10. FireB@B@

    JackySan is missing

    RIP JackySan <3
  11. FireB@B@

    Case Study Сase study on running Pest Control (Pay Per Call) offers through Google call only Ads

    Thanks, for Case Study! Will love more case studies like this @Marketcall
  12. FireB@B@

    Official Meet Keitaro Tracker

    Welcome Keitaro!
  13. FireB@B@

    Official MaxBounty - World leading performance-based CPA network

    Hello, @MaxBounty are you interested in accepting new Affiliates?
  14. FireB@B@

    Need tips to advertise on Taboola

    @servandosilva i have been consuming knowledge from Affilift for some time now. Signed up tracker too.. About landing pages can you please advice me some?
  15. FireB@B@

    Need tips to advertise on Taboola

    Hello, Affilift Members New to native advertising, i am starting my journey with Taboola with my $500 Saving to test AdCombo Offers. Please guide me through as i dont want to loss this amount via Miscalculations (amateur) Thanks in Advance.
  16. FireB@B@

    About Adcombo COD offers

    @Adcombo i would also love an advice from you guys, which traffic sources converts best for your Products. Love to hear from you.
  17. FireB@B@

    Which tracking platform i should use for COnversion Tracking in Google Ads.?

    Hello, afflift.com Friend i have read many posts for tracking platforms here on Affilift by Senior Members but now i little bit confused with Information Overload which one is right to choose now.. 1.) ClickerVolt 2.) Anytrack.io 3.) Binom Please recommend be the best one to get started with...
  18. FireB@B@

    Anonymous Browser For Spying

    Free Doesn`t Work.. But if you are good enough with Browser Extensions Try Firefox..
  19. FireB@B@

    Anonymous Browser For Spying

    Kameleo.io, its quite good.