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  1. angelus_1984

    Can anyone recommend a good hosting offer?

    Hello guys, I used to promote Hostgator until every signup was suddenly "invalid" for one offer or another. Can anyone recommend a good hosting company that also pays reliable for affiliate referals? -Gerd
  2. angelus_1984

    Landing Page Min. Content Requirement

    Hello Guys, as far as I know in the early days of the internet when the Big G just started out it would look at the ads and just say give me money and whatever they saw was good. But then men grew angry and complained and the Big G sent their commandments and enforce them fiercly. As far as I...
  3. angelus_1984

    How to integrate lookalike pixel with your favorite tracker?

    Hello guys, I am quite familiar with setting up my tracker in a familiar "direct" fashion: traffic source-> lp-> offer But when I want the traffic source to get more information such as Facebook its lookalike audiences and at the same time manage the traffic flow and conversion via the tracker...
  4. angelus_1984

    Follow Along Richpush + Bemob + Clickdealer/Monetizer = well, we'll see...

    Traffic Source: Richpush Tracking Tool: Bemob Affiliate Network: Clickdealer Type of Offer: Sweeps Offer Payout: 2.8 GEO: Germany Hey guys, and welcome to my first follow-along ever. I am actually pretty nervous, since I did not have the success yet I was hoping for and decided...
  5. angelus_1984

    To double-meta-refresh or not to double-meta-refresh that is the question

    Hello everybody, I understand most people use double meta refresh to clocak their landing pages from the aff network. What if I do direct linking campaigns? Is there a special reason to do a DMR? As far as I understand it the aff network would know which traffic source I use, which is not a...
  6. angelus_1984

    What Aff Network Do You Recommend for Gambling/Betting?

    ...and considering your own long time experiences do you get a better long term revenue with revshare or CPA on signup? Thanks Gerd
  7. angelus_1984

    What payment option do you prefer and consider to be legit/safe?

    Hi guys, let's face it Wire is solid but many beginners lwill have their difficulties to accumulate the 1k needed in the beginning. And we can have a discussion all day long about PayPal but being the most established(besides all the horror stories out there) I guess there is a pretty good...
  8. angelus_1984

    Does anybody use theoptimizer.io?

    Hello guys, I have seen quite some posts and articles mentioning this tool. Can anyone share his experience and some general optimisation rules that you use? CHeers
  9. angelus_1984

    How to optimize ads in push

    Hello everybody, I read everywhere that you need to change your ads after few days in push and I do experience a drastic drop of my CTR and CR in my campaigns. So my question what is the best way to go about it to keep up a constant campaign? I mean at some point you find a winning bundle...
  10. angelus_1984

    Greetings from good old Germany

    Hi everybody, glad to be here and meet you guys. I wish I could say I have started affiliate marketing a long time ago but the truth is instead of immersing myself I kind of dabbled in it. I got involved as a student by reading some get rich quick schemes - which obviously never worked...