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  1. TheDanmit

    Are you a book worm? How does books helped me to become more creative copywriter

    Hey Guys, I was recently thinking, discussing with fellow marketers locally, and come to the conclusion, that reading a book will help you to be more creative and will make your vocabulary richer. Therefore at the beginning of the year, I told myself that I will read at least 1 book a month. I...
  2. TheDanmit

    Pivoting my career

    Hey Guys, as you know recently I started my own small biz as a performance marketing specialist in September 2020. Mostly Facebook and google ads. Some of the price comparison engines. But maybe 4 weeks ago I got banned out of the blue on Facebook and the problem is ... My work is around 70...
  3. TheDanmit

    Real products with AdCombo

    Hello guys, I recently tested @Adcombo with push notifications from @PropellerAds . I spent around 50 USD and got one rejected order which means that interest is there. The issue is I cannot use landers from adcombo on google ads. Any idea how to get a quick custom landing page up and running...
  4. TheDanmit

    Follow Along My way to freedom. I left my job in order to pursue my dreams

    So as you guys know I ended previous journey here way too early basically because I was too stressed out at my job. After some time I finally found balls and told my boss that I do not see any sense in this and I quit. (I am pretty convinced that dating in the current situation is one tough nut)...
  5. TheDanmit

    Economic situation and online marketing

    Do you guys watch economic news carefully? I must say I do, thanks to this I am able to adjust my campaigns and thinks about "customer psychology" and how they behave in the current environment. What do you think? I consider keeping an eye on the economic situation as a must for me, therefore...
  6. TheDanmit

    CPA goal - campaign optimization

    Hello guys, I recently read @DEADZ advice for beginners and I took some action and of course, I got suck so I want to document my little journey maybe it will help other members So basically I registered at @Clickadu and picked one adult offer from @Mobidea offer had payout around 2.7 Euro...
  7. TheDanmit

    Follow Along Push notifications to the riches

    I decided to start with push notifications and simple SOI or DOI offers. So far my results were not impressive my overall ROI was around - 95% due to many errors in tracking and overspend on offers without potential. I will soon send money to my richpush account and create campaign. But this...
  8. TheDanmit

    Bemob tracking clicks on offer like conversions

    So guys it has been quite some time since I was working with a bemob and I stumbled upon a problem. I know that I screwed tracking somewhere but idk where As you can see clicks from my landing page to offer are tracked as conversion also expenses are not tracked... o_O My flow goes like...
  9. TheDanmit

    Learn and share

    Hey guys and gals, This is Dan. After a long time, I decided to join the premium version of this forum. Let me tell you a few words about me. I am in online marketing from 2013 I guess when I started promoting CPI on zeropark. Then I found out that I can make a living of internet marketing at...