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  1. Jainty

    Your Experience With Dr.Cash?

    Is anyone promoting offers from dr.cash? I am a bit baffled by their unusually lower approval rates, especially for European Geos. Has anyone experienced the same? Seems like they aren't crediting the lead even tho the lead may have approved their order. Any comments are welcomed and will be...
  2. Jainty

    Is Anyone Promoting Crypto/Binary Offers? Does It Even Work In 2019?

    With almost every major advertising network whether it be social, search, and native banning crypto offers, is it even worth promoting these offers now? The payouts are huge but the conversion rates are extremely low as far as I have come to know from my research. Some guys claim to be making...
  3. Jainty

    Anyone Running Traffic From DSP's? Which One Would You Recommend?

    So, I was just planning to shift my media buying to DSP to streamline and scale things up while ensuring the use of best technology. I know there are many big names out there for DSP but can anyone recommend a good DSP which doesn't have much budget required to get started? Which DSP's do you...
  4. Jainty

    A Little Help With Facebook Ads

    I was just wondering if it's possible to do bid adjustment based on placements in Facebook assuming we are running Manual Placements?
  5. Jainty

    Making India Proud :D

    Hi! My name is Harshit Jain, the nickname is Jainty! I have been in the field of internet marketing and SEO for the last 7 years. Have learned all of it by doing it first hand. Earned a lot, invested a lot, and above all gained a lot of experience. Affiliate marketing is not new to me. Been...
  6. Jainty

    Has Anyone Tried Voluum DSP?

    Hi! Has anyone tried Voluum DSP? If so, what has your experience been with it? Any interesting results? Besides, if not DSP, then which native advertising platforms would you prefer running affiliate campaigns at? I know MGID for sure because they are a bit affiliate friendly as compared to the...
  7. Jainty

    Google Ads Account Suspended Out of Blue!? - Circumventing System

    Hiya all! So, I had this Google Ads account that I was running pretty good for the last 4-5 months without any issues (just frequent reviews). And today out of the blue the account just got suspended because of circumventing system without any good reason. I mean I sure was running affiliate...