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    Native terminology thats a bit confusing

    Hi guys Thought I'd just ask the differences between Websites, placement IDs, widget IDs as I couldn't find any information on google :( My understanding is that Website is another name for placement ID i.e. website = placement however, each website can have multiple places they advertise...
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    Any active members here from New Zealand?

    Just wondering if anyone from here is living in NZ?
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    Placements and widget IDs , are they global?

    Hi guys Wondering if anyone can confirm whether the placement or widget IDs act as global variables across different traffic sources or whether they are local to the networks. For example: in voluumDSP, you can choose multiple networks(lets say we chose MGID in voluumDSP), with different...
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    Recommendations of Native networks?

    Hi guys Wondering if you could share some good and trusted networks that have lots of offers suitable for Native traffic? I could go on offervault but a lot of the networks I've never heard of .. so I was wondering what other's use. Some pros and cons? Whether you've had any issues with them.
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    What's your strategy when optimising push campaigns?

    Hi guys When it comes to optimising push campaigns, what's your favourite strategy? Looks like everyone has their own "blueprint" on what they would look for in terms of CTR , CR etc Some people like testing on CPM and others on CPC. Some like optimising first on zones, and some on creatives...
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    Follow Along IVR multi geo

    Hi guys Creating my first push campaign for an IVR offer on traffic company Details are as follows Network: Traffic Company Traffic: PropellerAds Payout: Revshare Tracker: Kintura I have created a single campaign with 3 creatives. They all have the same Icon, but no image. Just different...
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    Monitizing 70000+ student emails

    Hi guys As the title states, I will have access to around 70 000 email (specifically students mostly of age 18-24 from NZ) to try and monitize. The hard part is, these emails weren't gathered through a opt-in page for a specific niche. I.E. they have no common interest..... So my workaround...
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    Best time for push notifications

    Hi guys, I know it'll be different in every campaign but what time do you guys target ? For new campaigns would you avoid say 1am to 8am when the majority of people are sleeping for push?
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    Free landing page builder?

    Hi guys, I've been searching for landing page builders and came across something called Groovefunnels. No one seems to talk about it so I thought I'd share it. This software is currently in BETA stages and hence is FREE for those who want to use it. You are limited to 3 landing pages. As...