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  1. mukil

    🤑 How I built my OWN push subscriber base and increased my ROI 🤑

    Hello fellow affiliates, A few days back, when I was promoting few offers in full swing, I got a really good amount of monetizer subs through my landing page's redirects and back button clicks. Then I thought to myself, why can’t I use these subscribers that I collect through my landing...
  2. mukil

    PUSHBOT - A Push Messaging Automation Dedicated For Affiliates

    Hi Mates ! Announcing a work in progress : PUSHBOT - A Push Messaging Automation Dedicated For Affiliates BETA TESTERS WELCOME A Brief About Me : I have been in the affiliate marketing industry on/off since 2006. Had great success during 2008 when toolbar downloads were at peak and I made...
  3. mukil

    Follow Along Evadav Publisher [Push] + LandingTrack + Pop Traffic = Recurring Profits

    Hi, Fellow AffLifters! 'Follow Alongs’ are a good way to get guidance from experienced members and also a way to make ourselves accountable. So, here we go : this is my first follow along at AffLift. I have been wanting to do this for long time and no action was taken. Now, thanks to @Luke's...
  4. mukil

    Push Ad Campaigns : What Are The Best Times To Run?

    I am just starting to test Push Ads on Zeropark. I have been doing PPV and pretty much start campaigns and run 24/7 and with the data, would cut the non performing segments of time. Can the same method be adopted for Push Ads or do we test on specific time of day? What would be the best...
  5. mukil

    Bemob Tracker Issue

    I have been using Bemob tracker for my campaigns. I need to get more sorting done and hence wanted to download the data on csv. I am able to download a report but the issue is, the data on 'custom 1' does not figure in the downloaded csv. This is my Bemob dashboard where I click on the...
  6. mukil

    Mukil from India!

    My name is Mukil and am from Chennai, India. Affiliate marketing is not new to me. This is my third attempt at making money online. Earlier, I had active periods during 2006 - 2009 and again during 2016 - 2017. My first attempt was tremendously successful and got good results with affiliate...