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    Follow Along My Newbie Journey to (the west) to find profitable campaign with Zeropark and achieve $ 50 to $100 Per Day

    Awesome idea...I would love to see the share as well. Thanks Luke and Amazone
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    Follow Along My first Follow Along with Push

    Following...Thanks guys
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    Step 12 - Optimized Results

    in my PopAds account. It shows this message. What should i do? Thanks guys
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    Step 10 - Analyzing Your PopAds Campaigns using BeMob

    @ Luke and all experts, Base on what I have. I should keep the Netherlands, Japan, Morocco, South Korea, Mexico, and Peru? Correct? Thank you
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    Step 10 - Analyzing Your PopAds Campaigns using BeMob

    Hey Mannypete, Thanks for the reply. I had the "cid' in from the initial setup. Luke said it was the Timezone different, I updated Timezone but still not see the stat.
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    Step 10 - Analyzing Your PopAds Campaigns using BeMob

    Luke, Thank you also, once I changed that, it still didn't update or Do I have to have for the next data to come in? I contacted my AM but didn't respond. Thank you much Luke.
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    Step 10 - Analyzing Your PopAds Campaigns using BeMob

    @Luke and calling all experts. Please chime in. BeMob's dashboard has a result but KPI does not show. What did I do wrong here? Thank you in advance!
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    Step 9 - Setup PopAds Postback in BeMob

    Hey Guys, I just finished setting up the first campaign. I'll wait to see how long will it get approves. 3:18 PM Wednesday, May 6, 2020 Pacific Time (PT) Thank you, Luke
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    Comment by 'Meow' in article 'MOBIPIUM Review'

    @MOBIPIUM Hope all is well... Signed up on April, 29 Can you help to expedite the approval process? also replied to an email with 3 questions answered and Skyped Mr. Manuel Perez but haven't heard back. Email: [email protected] Thank you
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    Happy 2nd Birthday, affLIFT!

    2 years down, more happy years to go! Congratulation and Happy 2nd birthday! 🎉🎂🎆