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    Prelanders, Landers in Wordpress ?

    Hello All, I'm using Wordpress + Elementor Pro for making Prelanders & Landers. But the problem I'm facing is that Prelanders like: Mini Games Spinning Wheel Survey Quiz are difficult to build in this tech stack. Other option is to code them using bootstrap & jQuery but that would...
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    Follow Along Sweepstake - SOI

    Hello All, Have tried many things but nothing has given the greens yet, so its back to the drawing board to relearn :) . Trying out another Sweepstake Offer to understand the dynamics. Offer Type: Sweepstake SOI Affiliate Network: MaxBounty Geo: Singapore Payout: $1.75 per lead Traffic...
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    yt affiliate marketing gurus baring it all

    Why are there so many Affiliate Marketers of all types like Blogging, CPA, Social, etc on YouTube sharing all their business info ? Using the info/knowledge that they showcase on YouTube is the way they make their money I guess so why do they let their business secrets out ? No one from other...
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    landing page blocking traffic to offer

    Hi, Wishing Everyone a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year ! Just starting out with CPA Affiliate Marketing and using Bemob Tracker for the first time. Few days back I had directly linked Propeller Push Ads to a MaxBounty Sweepstake offer as a result MB was showing Clicks. After reading that...