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  1. galla

    Beginner Looking for Early Successes! From FL, USA

    varunkeskar, I am really curious, how @PropellerAds will help him if they banned his account? CadaSan, best of luck
  2. galla

    Best Banking Options For Affiliate Sole-Proprietors

    My account is not for business.
  3. galla

    Best Banking Options For Affiliate Sole-Proprietors

    I am also interested in the issues with Chase. I find Chase to be the best bank I had experience with. But my account is not business.
  4. galla

    Best Banking Options For Affiliate Sole-Proprietors

    Hi, I accidentally found this link: BlueVine.com This is their official ad: Checking built for small business Unlimited transactions, live support, and no monthly fees. I personally do not know anything about this company. "No monthly fees" is suspicious, but I would give them a call. Best of...
  5. galla

    Greetings! From Morocco with Love

    100% agree. That's why I doubt that I will ever use Anstrex or another tool that automates spying. I believe spying should be based on analysis and psychology. I am saying this despite my 20+ years of computer programming experience in the past. I'd love Anstrex or somebody as competent as...
  6. galla

    Black Friday 2020 Affiliate Marketing Deals!

    Nick, what are the titles of the 44 lessons? What are you selling? Please, clarify. Thank you.
  7. galla

    Guide "Best Of" affLIFT - MEGA Thread

    Above and beyond all expectations! Big thank you. Highly entertaining 2.
  8. galla

    Looking for Media Buyer.

    What are the qualifications of a good media buyer?
  9. galla

    Comment by 'galla' in article 'Sweepstakes Vertical Overview + FREE Webinar'

    I sincerely hope you will have a replay.
  10. galla

    START HERE - Pops Guide - The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

    Luke, I know you were going to put together a pdf. I missed it. Do you have it? Thanks.
  11. galla

    Guide How to Select a CPA Affiliate Offer with Potential

    This is the best and the most comprehensive answer to a very popular question. A lot of people make attempts to answer this question. I have never seen anybody mention #1 and #5. Thank you, @Nick.
  12. galla

    Follow Along My first campaign after finishing Luke's epic Pops Guide - The Beginners Guide

    Thank you for responding. Best of luck!
  13. galla

    Follow Along My first campaign after finishing Luke's epic Pops Guide - The Beginners Guide

    I am going over the guide as we speak, but I did not run anything yet. When you were going over Luke's guide, did you get conversions? Just curious.
  14. galla

    Good site for small coding jobs?

    Luke, if you don't mind people posting their needs here, the next logical step would be for the expert to identify himself/herself and present a resume to give people an idea about his/her qualifications. That's how I would handle this matter. What do you think?
  15. galla

    Follow Along 2020 passive income journey

    I feel the excitement. Best of luck!
  16. galla

    Sweepstakes - the BEST vertical for beginner affiliates

    Just what I was looking for after reading RedTrack verticals ebook Thank you.
  17. galla

    Low quality no js traffic , Monetizer+Self Advertiser

    This is a guess. It's not the answer I would like to hear if I paid for the traffic.
  18. galla

    Guide 💥[The Supreme Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals]

    11 verticals. Very serious book. Thank you very much.
  19. galla

    Gambling Guide Giveaway + LPs

    Propeller Ads will be my choice. Luke, please increase the number of guides given away because of the difficult situation we are all in.