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  1. Rockydeagle

    Push Notification Preview

    Does anyone know how to see a preview of what your actual push notification will look like? I know in @PropellerAds has an option to preview it on your desktop but it only shows the the small picture... I want to know how does the banner look like. Plus I don’t have an android phone so I have...
  2. Rockydeagle

    Follow Along ROI by Loosing Weight With Coffee... Is it Really Possible?

    What's Up Everyone, After watching a ton of YouTube Videos and reading blog article after blog article. I have must say... it totally overwhelmed myself. I seem to have blinders on whenever I read the advice everyone is saying. Stick to a traffic source Stick to a vertical Stick Stick Stick...
  3. Rockydeagle

    Defense Contractor Data Analyst turns to CPA Marketing to support growing Family.

    Hey Everyone... Alvin here... I was first introduced to Affiliate Marketing in 2017 seeing an Ad on Facebook for Russel Brunson's Affiliate Boot Camp Initially I thought Affiliate Marketing would be a piece of cake but boy was I wrong. Balancing a Full Time Job with being a NEW Dad challenged...