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  1. JackySan

    🥳 Luke: Thanks for featuring me on your front page

    Haha, just trolling sorry... I was playing a bit with our latest "Voltify Takeover" feature. I can now use presells found on spy tools directly, without having to follow the long cycle of downloading, editing, uploading. Here's what I mean: Let me know what ya’ think!
  2. JackySan

    I did it!

    Hey lifters! I did it, I was able to stay away from the forum for an extended period of time, haha. Talk about a challenge 🙃 Well, I don't recommend this to anyone, but for me it really was a challenge. This forum and community are so good that each time I come back here, I kind of get glued...
  3. JackySan

    Bot Traffic Analysis

    Woot! I was following Servando's thread about bot traffic on PPV with a lot of interest and I got intrigued... Since I'm running my campaigns on pretty clean traffic sources, I was wondering to what extent bots were affecting my own stats, if at all. I asked my programmer to add a new segment...
  4. JackySan

    Back to work, yeah :)

    Hey everyone, I missed you these last 3 weeks! Traveled a bit with the family, really enjoyed my time in Malaysia, awesome country :) Good things have an end though... now I have so much to catch up, will probably need 2 or 3 days before I'm back on track.
  5. JackySan

    My lander got ripped - but now it makes me more $$$

    So 3 days ago, I found one of my landers had been ripped and was being used by someone else in a Google Ads campaign. That guy forgot to remove the organic tracking code from my lander, so I was able to see all his traffic, live, in my stats. I was pissed off at first... But then, I had an...
  6. JackySan

    They almost got me (or maybe not)!

    Aggressive but pretty clever - we're used to click re-captcha confirmations... On this page, the re-captcha picture appeared 1 or 2 seconds before the popup. I instinctively moved my mouse toward the left-side of the re-captcha picture, where the checkbox usually appears.. but instead the...
  7. JackySan

    Job Offer :)

    Hey everyone, Following @manu's advice here (thanks Manu) I'll need 2 or 3 affiliates willing to help me with ClickerVolt's support. Ideally in different timezones to have as close as 24/7 support. Profile of the ideal candidate: Understands tracking like the back of his hand (sub ids and...
  8. JackySan

    Cloudfront VS Cloudflare

    Hey, I've seen quite a lot of people interested in using cloudfront these last few days on the forum. I was wondering why one would use s3+cloudfront instead of s3+cloudflare? Cloudfront is free for the 1st year only, then depending on your traffic volume, your monthly bill may become pretty...
  9. JackySan

    Follow Along Follow me as I try to launch ClickerVolt

    Hey everyone! Not sure if that's the best sub-forum to post this follow along, as there's no category for product creators (I know it's a forum for affiliates haha) I wanted to launch ClickerVolt in December 2018 but was too busy with my affiliate campaigns (excuses excuses). To stop...
  10. JackySan

    Getting Paid in USD When You're NOT from the US

    Hey everyone, I think this one could be helpful to some of you. If you're not from the US some networks will deduct some wire fees before sending your payments. To avoid that, you can easily create a Transferwise Borderless Account They will give you your own USD bank account number. You can...
  11. JackySan

    Have you ever seen this flag?

    While checking my realtime clicklog, an unfamiliar flag popped in: Hovering the mouse over it labeled it as being the flag of the "Holy See" - I had never heard this name before so had to look it up... I learnt that the Holy See of Rome is the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic bishop of...
  12. JackySan

    ClickerVolt Questions & Answers / Feature Requests & Change Log

    Hey everyone :) After I posted that case study, I've got a fair amount of people interested in learning more about ClickerVolt. So I thought it would be a good idea to make some of my answers public here. I'd also like to use this thread for feature requests and change log. Here are some of...
  13. JackySan

    Google Bot on a Spending Spree Before Christmas???

    While checking my previous day stats this morning in ClickerVolt, 2 rows got my attention. These were 2 affiliate sales attributed to... Google Bot. I was like... wuuuut??? I immediately thought it was a bug... obviously a bot can't buy anything right? Then I found out that my affiliate link...
  14. JackySan

    The BEST keyword to target (when you are allowed to)

    A few years back, in my SEO days, I was following a blueprint from a "guru" He was showing how to rank for product names to make affiliate commissions from review blogs. It was super effective but I hated how much link building and maintenance it required. One day, I tried to use Adwords...
  15. JackySan

    Case Study Let's kick off this new section with a case study :)

    As I said in my introduction thread, I'm promoting physical products as an affiliate and mainly sell through Google Ads and Bing Ads (also some FB ads but I prefer PPC) Before that, I used to promote ebooks, software and services, but I found that it was way easier to sell physical products...
  16. JackySan

    AIDA Formula

    Hey everyone, Was wondering if any of you had already heard about AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)? That's a formula I discovered a few years back (in 2010) when I purchased a tracking software called "Conversion Prophet". That software was really amazing, it's not working anymore...
  17. JackySan

    Happy to be here :)

    Hi everyone, I just signed up today. Took this picture for posterity ;) After browsing this forum a bit, here I am posting my intro thread. I've been doing affiliate marketing full time in a form or another for around 10 years now. I first started with SEO and then moved to paid traffic...