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  1. Penfolio

    Spy on Youtube Overlay Ads

    Hi all, I was thinking about running some YouTube Overlay ads - does anyone know a spy tool that can show me ones currently running? So far I can only find video spy tools. Overlay ads are the banners that appear while a video is playing, hopefully like the one attached: Thanks Afflift!
  2. Penfolio

    Can anyone help? Need a whitelabel/storefront/template+feed...

    Hello everyone! I need to apply to lots of affiliate programs in many niches so was thinking it would be nice if I had a storefront selling many different types of products. Does anyone know where I can get something like that please? I'm looking for a fast and free rather than corporate...
  3. Penfolio

    BingAds/Microsoft Ads - Parallel Tracking = No Sales?

    Reading the help pages at: https://help.ads.microsoft.com/#apex/3/en/56918/2 Parallel tracking is mandatory and that "With parallel tracking, browser cookies will always be written to the main browser jar in third-party context. In contrast, in sequential tracking they are set in the...
  4. Penfolio

    Best quick method to filter out bots/fraud from pop traffic

    Hello all, I used to run some in-house affiliate campaigns on RTX (50onRed) that were rather high ticket and didn't have good reporting/postback capability. They used to be profitable and then over time, they were not. I presume the traffic quality has been diluted plus those that could track...
  5. Penfolio

    Hi. First time in a forum. Been an affiliate since 2005.

    Hello, Quit my job in 2005 with PPC, formed a company in 2006, fell off and went in house as a F500 digital marketing manager, then digital marketing agency, learned SEO and went off grid, got complacent, blew all the money, now looking to try Push and the next thing. I looked at the...