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  1. Nick

    Follow Along Golden Goose+Propeller Ads - ZA Mobile Content

    Definitely split the carriers in separate campaigns. There’s enough volume there to work with CPA goal and the conversion rates can have a 100% difference between each other. I’d also consider some other landers that 90% of other affiliates aren’t using for that exact offer (probably also using...
  2. Nick

    Guide The World's Finest Collection of Clickbait and Other Examples of Cool Marketing from Around the World - John's Swipe File

    Yes! Excited for this... Sounds interesting. Could you give a general idea of what types of offers you make (if you’re willing to be specific that’s even better)? Good man. Going clean you usually sacrifice some ROI%, but you’ll be in the game much longer. ;)
  3. Nick

    Follow Along Golden Goose+Propeller Ads - ZA Mobile Content

    Been pretty 🔥 for like a year now ;)
  4. Nick

    AI is Revolutionizing the Future of Online Content Creation

    :D Did you even think this was written by AI before reading that last line?
  5. Nick

    AI is Revolutionizing the Future of Online Content Creation

    The world of content creation is changing before our very eyes. With the introduction of AI, such as GPT-3, creating high-quality online content has become much easier and faster than ever before. All you have to do is give a short prompt to the AI (such as "write an article on how I to...
  6. Nick

    Beginner's Journey, please advise

    Yeah it’s focused on credit card submit sweepstakes offers on Zeropark. The concepts can be adapted for other things too (I’ve had a handful of people do that). Not how to build one (lots of technical knowledge would be involved), but how to find and prepare them. The course pretty much covers...
  7. Nick

    Beginner's Journey, please advise

    Out of the options you gave I’d definitely suggest this: Long term it’ll be the best choice, as both other options don’t give you nearly as much control (and you’ll have a hard time scaling). If you want a course check the 2nd link in my signature. :D
  8. Nick

    Amazon S3 + Cloudfront

    Okay great. I was confused at first when you said it's outdated. The UI looks just slightly different, but the guide still works. Pricing is cheap. However, it depends a lot on your landers (code optimization, assets, etc.), traffic type(s), caching, etc. I'm pretty sure the GET requests are...
  9. Nick

    Follow Along Zeydoo Surveys vs Advertizer CPA (A Good Match?)

    While you're ranting... here's something else to ponder: Why does almost every affiliate network claim (on their website) to have some amazing fraud detection tool, but still credits affiliates for conversions only to later ban them from the network for fraud? 🤔
  10. Nick

    Follow Along Let's run some ads

    From what I've been told (multiple times) their algorithm isn't that granular that it looks at segments as small as device vendors. Basically: zone + geo + os Obviously, you can kind of "optimize" the os with versions... ;) Any other segments (taking note of the above 3 segments their algo...
  11. Nick

    Hello from Vietnam

    Welcome to the forum. :D
  12. Nick

    Follow Along Let's run some ads

    To get more traffic you either have to raise your CPA goal or increase your conversion rate to become more competitive in the auction.
  13. Nick

    Anyone publishing income reports?

    ROFL. Back in 2013, there weren't telephones were there...? 🤨
  14. Nick

    Kintura Issue

    If you paid with PayPal it’s your responsibility to cancel the automatic payment. (y) If I'm not mistaken this has been brought up before...
  15. Nick

    Follow Along Surveys + Zeydoo + ? = 🚀🌕

    Thanks, guys! I'm glad I was able to make something useful to others. :love: Absolutely. Realizing and accepting this concept was very difficult for me for a long time, but when I finally did I'd say it was one of my major turning points. What goes hand in hand with this concept (and also...
  16. Nick

    Help with Landing page Script

    @leidong's code should work... just make sure you put your_param_for_device_brand and your_param_for_device_model in quotes.
  17. Nick

    Follow Along Surveys + Zeydoo + ? = 🚀🌕

    The only thing I did since Friday was to pause the direct-link route not too long after posting the last update. Then over the weekend, I collected profits while gathering more data that I'll use in the future (duplicate) campaigns (similar to last month's follow-along with the CPA bidding...
  18. Nick

    Couple of Questions On Promoting mVAS Offers

    Many offers won't need landing pages at all and using one will actually hurt the conversion rate(s). However, some mVAS offers work considerably better with landing pages, so you'll want to use them (ie. sweepstakes). So what I'd say is use landers where you can and where it makes sense...
  19. Nick

    Follow Along Casino + Survey + Push + Email = 💲💲💲???

    Are all the email conversions coming from your follow along campaign or just your overall campaigns in general? I think it’s from all but it’s not clear based on what you said above. 🤷‍♂️
  20. Nick

    Big pop campaigns tracking solutions

    Closer to your target GEO(s) the better. If you really need to run traffic worldwide and are only willing to get one server I’d settle for Europe. Not sure what you mean...