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  1. sushiparlour

    2021 Hot/Colds Trends and Outlook in Affiliate Land

    Was trying to look for a thread about 2021 outlook and don't think I see any (other than ones started by traffic sources). So I thought I'd kick things off and maybe the more experienced guys can try to comment on what they see or expect in this coming year. (@Luke maybe you will know who best...
  2. sushiparlour

    COD Networks That Have Proper English Support?

    Anyone know of a good COD network that offers proper English support (and supports API)? For some reason seems like the ones I'm aware of are Russian run network with support that is mostly using google translate which results in weird communication problems and a lot of frustration trying to...
  3. sushiparlour

    Follow Along Sushi's Stab at Selfadvertiser + Casino 🍣

    Hellooo Afflift community its been awhile since I posted a thread as Q4 has been quite busy for me with the onboarding of interns from here: https://afflift.com/f/threads/internship-program-join-my-sushi-crew-%F0%9F%8D%A3.5354/ and also dealing with things like new push updates such as stuff...
  4. sushiparlour

    Internship Program - Join My Sushi Crew! 🍣

    Hi Afflift Community, Sushi here again and wanting to offer a special internship opportunity for up to 3 individuals on this forum. This is not a course or anything like that. Just like a typical internship you will be working alongside myself to set up and run campaigns using my money in...
  5. sushiparlour

    Amazon SES Limit Increase

    Anyone got good tips to get your Amazon SES limit increase? We just asked for it when we started account since its 200/day and we have 2k+ emails at this point and instead of getting bumped we got our account blocked. So wondering if anyone got any experience getting that increased. Thanks.
  6. sushiparlour

    Lead Generation

    Anyone know a good software to use to build out our own lead generation funnel (exactly like what sweepstakes offer do)? Doesn't necessarily have to be an email marketing application (but most seem to be this variant).
  7. sushiparlour

    Guide Setting Up Tracking For Evadav CPA

    Thought people might find this helpful on Afflift so I've taken this post directly from my eBook's additional content section. Hope this helps (and apologies for any formatting issues as it was mostly just copy and paste): Edit: An error with my postback link as someone pointed out so I've...
  8. sushiparlour

    Freshping Issue with Landing Page Servers - Any Clues or Hypothesis?

    Hey Guys, So I'm not the most tech savvy person (know my way around the basics and can do some coding but running a server etc. is definitely not my forte). Been having issues the whole day whereby my landing page servers have been triggering "not responding" on freshping for less than a minute...
  9. sushiparlour

    Guide Sushiparlour’s Guide To Making Money with Push Notifications 💰💰💰

    Hey Everyone, In case you don’t know me, I’ve been lurking around the forum and mainly sharing via these threads: 💵 How I Built a Push List That Makes Me $xxx/day as a Small Time Affiliate 💵 What is the $$$ possibility of Evadav's CPA? Click to find out Sushi’s Stab at Zeropark Native And as...
  10. sushiparlour

    Follow Along Sushi’s Stab at Zeropark Native

    As I wait for a few things to finalise with my eBook (which is taking way longer than I thought). I decided, upon the suggestion of @Luke, to have at the Zeropark Follow Along contest. So given that I already run on Zeropark for push/pop I thought I’d try something different for this follow...
  11. sushiparlour

    Lowest CPS possible on FB Ads? Asking FB/Ecomm Experts

    Hey so checking in with the FB/Ecomm experts as this isn't my forte. Got a private label product that I am trying to push and currently doing around a CPS of $6 on day 1 without any targeting but because product is a low end product (cost is around $2-3) I need to get this even lower to...
  12. sushiparlour

    What is the $$$ possibility of Evadav's CPA? Click to find out

    As everyone is stuck at home trying to find new ways to make money I thought I’d share a little success I’ve had lately... As some of you may already know from my previous case study "How I Built a Push List That Makes Me $xxx/day as a Small Time Affiliate" collecting push sub is my forte so...
  13. sushiparlour

    Tracker That Can Handle Heavy Load at an Economical Rate

    A looking for a tracker that can handle high load (at least over 10k+ clicks a minute) and can set traffic source postback % (like what Binom can do). Currently using Binom but unfortunately it seems it struggles beyond a certain point and want to see if there is a tracker that I can use that...
  14. sushiparlour

    3rd party platforms for own push notification list (other than onesignal)

    Wanted to check if anyone has any recommendation other than onesignal for those of us considering building out our own list? Am planning to build a small list to split test the results against existing campaigns + Monetizer etc. PS. Don't get me wrong, am quite happy with Monetizer but feel...
  15. sushiparlour

    Push Collector Mastermind ($100+/day)

    Hey everyone, Thinking of starting a mastermind for people that are doing significant revenue in push collection and monetizing it through 3rd party sources e.g. Monetizer. Will have a vetting process to ensure that everyone in it is serious, thinking for now at minimum will expect you to...
  16. sushiparlour

    Datspush not paying push collectors (pubs)!

    Just wanted people to be aware before running a lot of traffic to them since I just requested my first payment of $200 to paypal and got banned for "fradulent traffic" with no explanation. The thing is that no one else has complained about my quality (including the offers I'm running)...
  17. sushiparlour

    Case Study 💵 How I Built a Push List That Makes Me $xxx/day as a Small Time Affiliate 💵

    Hellooooo! So I'm new to this forum and I guess what better way to say hi than share a case study I recently put together. Happy to answer any questions on this and be more involved with the community as I'm hoping to get inspiration to reach the next stage soon. :) ⬇⬇ Case Study ️ ⬇⬇ Unlike...