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  1. carlosse

    Anyone up for an accountability discord or something?

    down to discuss and join if it's the right fit. similar background as @Affyou
  2. carlosse

    Affiliate Marketing Promo Codes and Coupons

    Hi Luke, Can I have one of the EXISTING ADVERTISERS promo codes? Thanks!
  3. carlosse

    HELP - What To Do When Affiliate Manager Claims Traffic is Bad Quality? (Online Gaming SOI - MGID)

    Running mgid, high ctr and low quality leads, it seems you getting bot traffic through your prelander, and there is no interaction afterwards. Also as @sushiparlour has mentioned, angle is sexy/agressive not really in corcondance with the real game, so people just bounce after the funnel...
  4. carlosse

    Is it Megapush down ?

    damm, i have about $400 still there but have not used it for months....my last campaigns were shit anyway
  5. carlosse

    Comment by 'carlosse' in article 'Ultimate List of Free Trackers for Affiliates'

    i started a few years ago with bemob and it was really solid, easy to use and enough for most of people starting off. These days using voluum and binom, but i am curious to see how is the performance of kintura and landingtrack, two of the new kids on this tracking industry. anyone has good/bad...
  6. carlosse

    Follow Along Building Email Lists with Paid Traffic

    don't let it die @charliebrown. i see quite a few challenges coming your way, as many variables need to be taking into account. I guess tracking is not easy, as you will miss what source/placements really convert with offers and only can track suscribers. Hard to setup the break even cost per...
  7. carlosse

    Follow Along Building Email Lists with Paid Traffic

    +1 being trying to set it up for months now. Looking forward to your success @charliebrown
  8. carlosse

    Pushground's Native Ads

    interesting. is this own inventory/rebroke? does it compares to mgid, revc in quality? or like old propeller natives? what about verticals converting well any feedback? down for some testing/spending here
  9. carlosse

    Revcontent tracking

    binom and voluum both integrates with revc
  10. carlosse

    Hi all this is Carlos

    Nice to meet you all guys, I read about this forum in Servando's blog. I am from Spain, working remotely and full time affiliate. i know i can't go wrong with afflift, i hope i can contribute to this awesome community.