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  1. tomdanhel

    How often would you change push creative to avoid blindness

    Hi guys. I was wondering, how often would you generally change your push creative on profitable campaigns to avoid banner blindness.
  2. tomdanhel

    DayParting & Push Traffic

    Push campaigns are sent in waves, so I was wondering if anybody knows how frequently these waves are normally being sent and whether dayparting could potentially provide "better" results?! I am planning to run a test in the near future, but I was wondering what do you think would be expected...
  3. tomdanhel

    How do you go around forced offer landing pages?

    Hi guys, I am currently promoting a dating offer that has a good potential and is generating decent revenue. I've been testing this campaign for few days and it's getting good ad and lander CTRs, but the problem is that network only allows me to send traffic to this one ugly offer landing page...
  4. tomdanhel

    Sitescout RTB

    Hi guys, does anybody have experience with advertising on Sitescout? https://www.centro.net/ It used to be quite popular DSP RTB Ad platform. I have close to $600 in advertising budget there and am unsure what would be best to use it on. Thanks
  5. tomdanhel


    Hi guys, my name is Tom and I am from the Czech Republic although I currently live in Ireland. I started my affiliate marketing journey back in 2010 mainly running dating, finance and short lead gen offers with Peerfly and EWA. I stopped my affiliate marketing activity in 2012 when i started...