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    Zone ID Clickloss

    Hi, In what percentage of Clickloss do you block the Zone IDs of a campaign if that Zone ID has not converted, to 1x payout, 0.5x payout, or how do you do it?
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    Social bar traffic sources

    Hi, I would like to know what other traffic sources apart from Adsterra have the Social Bar format?
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    Follow Along PropellerAds Contest + Mobile Content Offer

    🎯 Traffic Source: PropellerAds 🔧 Tracking Tool: Binom ✅ Affiliate Network: GoldenGoose 👍 Type of Offer: Mobile Content 💰 Offer Payout: $0.80 🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because: This offer has been at the Top for a long time and I think it could work well. 🔍 I am unsure about...
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    I need your advice please

    I need you to give me some advice on the way to go. I have tried two verticals and have had no positive results so far. I started with IVR offers and tried different countries with these types of offers and after investing several hundred dollars I could not make these offers profitable...
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    Traffic not allowed

    Hi everyone, I see that some mainly SOI offers have something like Traffic not allowed: Misleading, what does this mean exactly? Is it something like I can't use a Prelanding page where it has a carrier logo or something?
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    Adplexity Mobile

    Hi, For those who own Adplexity Mobile, the options of Ad Type like, Popup, Redirect, In-App, Mobile Web, Also the option Size and Connection are no longer available in Adplexity Mobile?
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    Problem to track all conversions in Binom with Traffic Company

    I have trouble tracking all conversions in Binom with Traffic Company. I contacted Binom support, but they told me that I had to find the exact Clickid of the conversions that missing in Binom, but there are many conversions and it is difficult to check each clickid . I would like to know if...
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    High quality Pop traffic

    Could you recommend some Pop traffic source other than Propellerads that have High Quality Pop traffic, please?
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    Landing page help

    Can someone tell me how I can add this facebook like icon to my Landing page? I have tried several ways and it does not appear.
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    Vultr vs Hetzner Hosting Binom Tracker

    Hi everyone, I'm testing Binom on two different servers one from Vultr hosted in Singapore and another from Hetzner hosted in Germany, the trackers have the same domain extension both with Cloudflare DNS. Server specifications: Vultr CPU: 2 RAM: 4GB Disk: 128GB NVMe OS: Ubuntu 18.04 Hetzner...
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    Postback Url PropellerAds

    I want to know if I can use the same PropellerAds Postback URL on two Binom Tracker but on different servers. I'm testing Vultr's server against Hetzner's to see which one is better of the two.
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    Follow Along My new follow along with COD offers

    Hi everyone, I have two days testing two Adcombo COD campaigns and so far I think both offers are promising. I was inspired by this post that @DEADZ wrote and this on his page. Campaign 1: Network: Adcombo Offer Payout: $8.5 CPA Goal: $0.40 Traffic Source: PropellerAds Ad Format: Push...
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    Binom VPS

    What VPS do you recommend hosting Binom with traffic from Latin America and Asia?
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    Follow Along My first follow along

    Hi everybody, I'm going to launch my first follow along with an IVR offer. Affiliate Network: @Traffic Company Traffic Source: @PropellerAds Tracker: @RedTrack.io Payout: Revshare I have created a CPC Push Campaign for a tier3 country, I am going to use 4 creatives and a landing page...
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    Root Folder Vultr

    I'm trying to add the monetizer sw.js file to my Vultr server and I don't know where to paste it, in the folder that says root or which one?
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    Redtrack and Traffic Company

    I am new to Redtrack and Traffic company and I am a bit confused integrating them both, can someone help me with this, which of the two should I use for the ClickId, Unique conversion ID or click_id?
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    No-redirect Tracking

    Some tracker has the No-Redirect tracking option, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this for a campaign?
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    Domain verify tool

    Is there a tool to automatically verify if a domain of a landing page or tracker is marked by Google?
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    Hetzner Servers

    What do you think of Hetzner's servers, are they worth more than Vultr?
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    PPV adult traffic source

    Hi, I would like to know which adult traffic sources with PPV traffic you could recommend me for Carrier Billing offers.