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  1. deepblue

    Question about Google Remarketing.

    Hi, I want to add remarketing code to 5 sites that I don't own (on rent) and want to show display ads to their visitors. Can I directly place my retargeting code from analytics on those sites (which are not associated with this analytics); will that work? Sorry for the noob question but I am...
  2. deepblue

    Setting Up Tracker (Kintura) for Organic Traffic (Pinterest, Google and Bing)

    Hi Guys, I am new to trackers. When I tried the Pops guide, I thought I understood tracking pretty well. But it seems there is a lot to understand atm. Although, I have some understanding of trackers now due to that exercise. :) Right now, I want to setup Kintura tracking and identify which...
  3. deepblue

    Which are good networks for e-com products with good commission?

    I am looking for good e-com product networks which can accept newbies and offers good commission.
  4. deepblue

    Hi aFFlift members

    Hi everyone, I am excited to join this community. I see that this forum talks a lot on pop and push traffic. This is quite new to me.. Although I have heard about it before but never tried it. Infact, I haven't bought direct traffic before (yes, done it a little like adwords, fb ads but never...