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  1. DiezeL


    I'll be there as well :)
  2. DiezeL

    Official Visto | 100% free social ads spy tool for affLift readers!

    Hey, I tried the tool but I don't understand it exactly. I'm running 15 different campaigns right now and I even can't find my own ads in the tool. Greetings, DiezeL
  3. DiezeL

    Earn Money With Us! Savoire Watches

    Hey, I came across your topic. I'm currently running 15 Facebook ads campaigns with a daily profit of around 400/450 euros. I like the watches and I would like to run some tests. However, I'm not going to work with LeadDyno. If you're interested you could take a look at Affise...
  4. DiezeL

    [POLL] Do You Run Campaigns on the Weekend?

    Depends on the offer but I run my FB campaigns all week :).
  5. DiezeL

    the elusive 1K/day

    I am, because my Facebook campaigns run too inconsistent.
  6. DiezeL

    Between $3000 and $8000 profit a month with Sweepstakes & Facebook Ads

    Nice to hear you're also in the Facebook + sweeps game. The bans are very frustrating but there is only one tip: keep going and keep testing! I ran link clicks campaigns before but I switched to conversions (pixel) because the CR is a lot higher. Greetings,
  7. DiezeL

    Between $3000 and $8000 profit a month with Sweepstakes & Facebook Ads

    1. Are you cloaking your landing page ? (lets say fb doesnt allow but somehow you hide it from them?) No. Cloaking is not necessary when you create non-agressive ads and prelanders. 2. Are you using game type landing ? (For example spinning and winning) I can't tell which prelander I'm using...
  8. DiezeL

    Between $3000 and $8000 profit a month with Sweepstakes & Facebook Ads

    Hey Hey Afflifters! I'm DiezeL, 25 years old and from The Netherlands. I've been away for a while because I had to focus on my campaigns but today I decided to come back! I've been into internet marketing for (on and off) 5 years now. Tried many different traffic sources and methods. I had some...
  9. DiezeL

    Anstrex landing page downloader

    @Luke Messaged sent!
  10. DiezeL

    Anstrex landing page downloader

    @Luke Yes, I can use the landing page. But when I download and deploy it on my own server I can't use the interaction (fake casino slot) anymore. Maybe the javascript gets corrupt or something?
  11. DiezeL

    Anstrex landing page downloader

    Hey guys, I've just bought an Anstrex license and I'm trying to download a HQ casino landing page. It's slot machine to warm up the visitors. When I download it (or deploy it right away on my server via Antrex) the interactions does not work anymore.. Is there any way to fix this? greetings...
  12. DiezeL

    Looking for an experienced Push Marketer

    5/6 Replies on my thread are off-topic. Is this Afflift-style?
  13. DiezeL

    Looking for an experienced Push Marketer

    Hi all, Maybe some of you guys already know me but since I'm new to Afflift I would like to introduce myself first: I'm DiezeL, 24 years old studying Communication & Multimedia Design in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Right now I'm only doing Facebook ads (blackhat) pretty well. Making around...
  14. DiezeL

    Pay per call offers on Facebook call ads?

    Hey, I'm looking into advertising Pay Per Call offers via Facebook Call ads. Have anyone done this before? - DiezeL
  15. DiezeL

    Case Study PopAds + PeerFly Push Offer

    Still running this campaign? What are the results?
  16. DiezeL

    Running Sweeps + Facebook Ads: Next Step?

    Hey Fellow Affiliates, I'm testing different campaigns/offers now for about 4 weeks now and after a lot of testing I found an offer that is converting pretty well. Stats: 12 Nov 2019 - 39 clicks - 8 Conversions - $24 revenue €11,43 = $12,6 Profit: 24 - 12,6 = $11,4 13 Nov 2019 (I raised...
  17. DiezeL

    Low CTR (Sweepstakes + Facebook Ads)

    No just one, but this feels like step 2 to be honest. right now I receive a lot of clicks on my prelander but only 15% click on the offer link. So i first need to increase my ctr.
  18. DiezeL

    Low CTR (Sweepstakes + Facebook Ads)

    I asked my AM for the best performing sweepstake in combination with Facebook ads.
  19. DiezeL

    Low CTR (Sweepstakes + Facebook Ads)

    Yeah it's blackhat. But I receive loads of clicks, but click through is very low. I don't think it has something to do with not using a cloaker.