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  1. jason.meador

    PopellerAds suspended upon first deposit

    Has anyone had an issue like this with PropellerAds? I'm trying to go through support but they are not forthcoming with any credible details. So far I've been told the reason is for "creating multiple accounts." I don't have any accounts though. My first interaction with PropellerAds was...
  2. jason.meador

    Kintura RevShare

    How would I setup a RevShare link in Kintura? Background, trying to setup a revshare on Advertizer, they said I set that up somewhere not in advertizer. I am trying to run an IVR campaign with variable payout and want to share a fixed % of that revenue.
  3. jason.meador

    Having tracking issues, coversions not showing in tracker or traffic source

    Problem: My conversions are not showing in tracker or traffic source Setup: Traffic source: ZeroPark Tracker: Kintura Network: Mobipium I am direct linking the traffic. So here are the details, if you need more, I'll provide it. Campaign URL from Mobipium...
  4. jason.meador

    Follow Along Zeropark + Kinutra + Mobipium

    Starting to dip my toes back into marking after a year or so off, so I'm considering myself a complete newbie. 🎯 Traffic Source: Zeropark 🔧 Tracking Tool: Kintura ✅ Affiliate Network: MOBIPIUM 👍 Type of Offer: Direct Linking 💰 Offer Payout: Varies 💵 Budget: $300 I had sitting in Zeropark 🥅...