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    Blocking Widgets on MGID

    Is this possible, and if so, how do I do it? I can see the widget data but I see nowhere that I can pause those I don't want to send traffic to any longer
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    Follow Along Moving Successful Campaigns From Native to Push

    I've been having success on native the past two weeks targeting Tier 3 countries at dirt cheap CPC's, but I have sort of hit a wall in terms of scale. So I decided to give Propeller Ads another try. Was a little nervous because of the negative results I had with them two months ago, but that...
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    Having Success with Revcontent Push. Why I'm Still Frustrated

    I'm running a Clickbank health offer at 97% ROI using Revcontent's push notifications. Sounds great, right? Well the issue is the inconsistency of the traffic. For instance, here are my stats over the past 10 days (ignore the zero conversions data as I am not sending them that info)...
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    Follow Along Can I Make a Profitable Offer Work on Voluum DSP?

    Been running a Clickbank health offer on Pinterest at more than 100% ROI, but since I have yet to tame their algorithm, I can't scale it the way I would like to. So I decided to give native a try. It has been running for five days Rev: $178 (3 conversions, 2 upsells) Spend: $ 604 I should...
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    Sales Notifications

    Anyone know of a tool that will send email alerts when you get a conversion? I need one that is non-Wordpress I am currently using ConvAlert.com for some campaigns, but it only works with Cake and HasOffers
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    Pinterest Ads

    Anyone on here doing Pinterest Ads? I have for about two months now and I can't figure out the traffic patterns. Campaigns will go days with little spend, then all of the sudden, blow up Also can't seem to figure out what I should be bidding in terms of CPA. Should I bid the value of the...
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    Bounce Rate/Landing Page CTR

    As a general rule, what is a good bounce rate/landing page CTR?
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    Follow Along Campaign Off to a Horrible Start

    I guess this follow along is a little bit different in that I'm not starting from scratch here, but rather trying to get advice on how to turn around a campaign I started a few months ago (but never came close to profitability with). The hope is that I can get some tips on how to improve things...
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    Hello From a Non-Newbie Who Feels Like a Newbie

    Started in IM in 2008, by the end of 2009 was killing it with product review sites on Adwords. Then got banned two weeks after I had quit my job (thankfully, they let me keep it). Three years later, left for good. Absolutely killed it for about two and a half years with PPV, but it was all...